It Comes In Fours [Survey Thursday for March 2013]

4 jobs I have had in my life
1. My world revolves around the medical field. Firstly, I am a Registered Nurse, more specifically an Operating Room/Recovery Room Nurse.

2. I also specialize Ophthalmic Surgeries, so yeah I am an Ophtha-Nurse

3. When I was in college, I was elected as the Public Relations Officer for the Nursing Student Council

4. Interestingly, I used to be a commercial model when I was a kid. Alright, alright, it was just a lone commercial which was shown in Japan! Haha!


4 movies I’ve watched more than once

1.) Lord Of the Rings trilogy (in 3 different cinemas, several times at home)

2.) The Hobbit (thrice in IMAX)

3.) Avatar (twice in IMAX, twice at home)

4.) The Dark Knight Saga (several times at different cinemas, IMAX, at home, and in my iPod!)


4 places I’ve lived

1.) Paco, Manila

2.) BF Homes, Paranaque

3.) San Andres Bukid (place of my father)

4.) Bacoor, Cavite (place of my mom)


4 TV shows that I watch

1.) Homeland

2.) The Walking Dead

3.) Breaking Bad

4.) Survivor


4 places I have been to

1.) Singapore

2.) Boracay

3.) Baguio

4.) somewhere in Ilocos (I know I know I have to strengthen my traveling itinerary this year)


4 things you might not know about me

1.) I don’t eat rice and yet I am still fat.

2.) I hate Kristin Stewart (with that acting capabilities who does not?)

3.) When I was in Elementary, I played Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, in one of our school’s major plays

4.) Yes I hate Kristin Stewart. 😛


4 people who email me regularly

1.) Email? For real? Anyway, last time i checked, I got a message from my Dad;

2.) from Twitter (new followers and RTs and such);

3.) from FB (notifications etc);

4.) and of course notifications from my WordPress account. 🙂


4 of my favorite foods

1.) Pizza

2.) Spaghetti Al Pesto

3.) Popcorn

4.) any chicken dish will do.


4 places I would rather be right now

1.) Nothing beats a place like home, but

2.) I love staying at my best friend’s house, because

3.) we can go to every mall possible, and

4.) watch a movie at any cinema!


4 things I’m looking forward to this year

1.) my future plans careerwise

2.) new working environment

3.) my Singapore trip

4.) my Birthday because I don’t know where will I celebrate it.


4 people I think will respond:

1.) the bored

2.) the bloggers

3.) absolutely nobody, but

4.) I am inviting everyone to try it. I have to say, it’s therapeutic.


If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me.  Send all your slum-book style questions over at my email account franco_buendia@yahoo. or thru my Facebook page, or simply Tweet me @cocoloids. Thank you!


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