Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 5 Recap: Persona Non Grata

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From last week’s “Shamar and the Brady Bunch” emotional episode, the drama shifts to the Favorites’ side. True to their word from last week’s preview, Episode 5 is one of the most controversial and bizarre episodes in Survivor history.

Coming from the last tribal council where Laura was voted off, Matt, Michael, Reynold, and Eddie all hope that voting off the weakest player will be a good turning point for the Fans. Sherri is not happy with the vote but she had to go with the tribe’s decision. Reynold is also happy that he played his hidden immunity idol for everyone to have a clean slate. For me, he just wasted his idol. An advantage is still an advantage. Anyway, Michael worries that Reynold may be able to find a second hidden immunity because he sees him as a very dangerous player.

Over at the Bikal tribe, Brandon tells his tribe that he misses his family and wants to leave the game. Huh? I know he has played this game before and he acts like a first-timer. Malcolm wishes that Brandon had thought about it a lot before re-joining the game. Brandon is thinking of bringing their shelter and resources down literally and he feels sorry for even thinking about it. Corinne wants Brandon out immediately because he is going loco. On day 11, Brandon calls out a tribe meeting. He apologizes to everyone and opts to remain in the game for his family.


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Two members from each tribe will hold onto a rope that is attached to a net. while the other tribe members will shoot coconuts to their opponents’ nets. The more coconuts in the net, the heavy it gets. The tribe member who can hold the net the longest wins for the tribe. The reward is a barbeque feast that includes steaks, vegetables, sausages, condiments and spices.

Andrea, Dawn, and Erik sit down for this challenge. Phillip and Brandon will be the ones holding the net for the Favorites, while Matt and Michael will do it for the Fans. For real? Reynold is a great in aiming and shooting things, but I think Eddie should be the one holding a net because he seems a lot stronger than Matt or Michael. Anyway, Reynold shoots the first coconut onto Brandon’s net, while Sherri sucks big time in shooting. Phillip mocks Sherri’s performance. Malcolm focuses his coconuts (no puns) to Matt’s net and together with Brenda and Corinne (and even Cochran), they are on a roll!. Reynold keeps on pounding Brandon with coconuts that eventually makes it too heavy for Brandon to carry and drops the net. Matt then drops his nets so it’s between Phillip the Specialist versus Michael the event planner. Phillip outlasts Michael and wins reward for the Favorites.

At the Gota tribe, Sherri thinks that they still sucked at challenges even though they voted off Laura, the supposed weakest link, but she wants to keep her mouth shut. Instead she wants to look for the next hidden immunity idol. Actually, everyone is going nuts in turning the camp upside-down, finding the ever-valuable idol. Everything is up in the air, but it is Reynold who finds himself a second serving of the immunity idol. Of course he is absolutely ecstatic. He then tells his closest ally Eddie about the good news.

Back at the Bikal tribe, everyone is busy preparing the food that they got from the reward challenge. They are also ecstatic (but not as ecstatic as Reynold) for the feast. As everyone is cheering Phillip for winning the reward for the tribe, Brandon is left a bit bitter with Phillip’s recent triumph. As Phillip boasts himself, Brandon is pissed off. Then comes the Philippine-rain. Brenda asks Phillip to fix the tarp, but Phillip wants to save his energy for the next challenge. Brandon confronts Phillip about being a dictator and Phillip does not like what this conversation is heading, so he walks away. The rest of the tribe worries about Brandon’s unstable manners. Later, Brandon apologizes to Phillip and shakes hands. Phillip obliges but still wants Brandon out of the game as soon as possible because he thinks that Brandon is an out-of-control young punk.

The rain continues to pour until Day 13 and it is taking its toll to the Fans. The rain dampens their fire that they can no longer boil water to drink. Eddie continues to rebuild the shelter while being pummeled by the winds and rain. On the other hand at Bikal tribe, the Favorites live a better camp-life than the Fans (of course!). Brandon restarts making fire inside their shelter and he does it in just one flick. He admits, “This Phillip and Brandon rivalry is getting to me.” Cochran reads out the tree-mail (I actually miss the old Survivor generation wherein the castaways shout “TREE-MAIL!” out loud!) that will happen that day. Phillip, still irritated with Brandon’s attitude towards the game, wants to throw the Immunity Challenge to vote out Brandon. Throwing out a challenge is such a lame thing to do, but with Brandon’s polarizing mood swings, I think I’d consider throwing one as well. Phillip talks with Andrea about the plan and Andrea is shocked. After Phillip leaves, Brandon talks to Andrea and figures out the plan without her even having to admit it. Brandon confronts Phillip and Phillip tells him that trust is essential to their alliance and Phillip does not see it in Brandon. AND THE BURST HAPPENS. Thinking a reason to vote him out, Brandon starts to yell at everyone and dumps the tribe’s rice and beans onto the ground. The rest of the tribe yells and tries to calm Brandon down, but Brandon seems inconsolable. Everyone is getting emotional with these aggravating events as they try to salvage the rice and beans bit by bit. Brandon yells out to Phillip, “Now try to vote me out, bitch!” Corinne suggests to forfeit the Immunity Challenge and go to Tribal Council and vote Brandon off. Dawn confesses that she is unsure if Brandon is even capable to continue on, but she is still hesitant to forfeit a challenge because, “You never do that in this game.”


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Jeff Probst asks the tribes about their living conditions at camp. Cochran admits that the harsh environment and fatigue aggravate people’s moods. Here comes Brandon. Brandon asks Jeff is he is allowed to talk with the Fans. He requests that they should not let Phillip get far in the game. Reynold gets confused and asks Brandon where is he going. Corinne interrupts everyone and tells Jeff that they are forfeiting the challenge. The Fans are shocked and of course excited with this bit of news. Brandon then interrupts Corinne and tells the Fans not to trust the Favorites. He then criticizes his own tribe, pointing out Phillip and his Stealth R’ Us, which Brandon calls out as childish. The Favorites are now deeply upset. Brandon admits that he wanted to play Survivor without the emotional cries he did the first time he played. He is definitely not emotional this time around, he is definitely not, I tell you Survivor fans. Jeff is able to calm Brandon. Andrea starts to cry because she has grown close to Brandon and she is now upset with all the Phillip-Brandon fights. Phillip responds that he did not say anything to Brandon. Brandon tells Phillip to shut up and mentions to the Fans the incident that he did back at camp (the rice and beans thing). The Fans’ jaws drop in shock. The bickering between Brandon and Phillip continues. Jeff tries to stop everything and massages Brandons shoulders (a little bromance action there) to make them stop. Phillip points out that he does not have any bad feelings against Brandon and is unsure why Brandon is so upset.

So Jeff confirms that the Favorites are ready to forfeit the challenge. Erik then gives the Immunity Idol to the Fans. In a SURVIVOR FIRST, Jeff announces that they will have the Tribal Council right there at the challenge site, with no fire and with the Fans around. Jeff asks Brandon if he understands the situation. Brandon votes out a loud “Phillip!” while the others opt to vote Brandon out of the game.

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Brandon Hantz is the SIXTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites

Brandon is such a loose canon. I, myself, am pretty scared of him! Phillip was right, he is so unstable. I think his attitude is completely unpredictable that one day he is serene and calm, then hostile and dangerous the next. Maybe this is what the Fans think as a turning-point for them! And come next episode we might see a tribe mix-up.


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