Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 6 Recap: Operation Thunder Dome

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How can you continue on with an outburst from last week’s episode? On Day 13 at Bikal tribe, the Favorites try to regroup and take a huge sigh of relief as they ponder everything post-Brandon. They are upset that everything happened in front of the Fans that may let them think that they can beat the dysfunctional Favorites. Phillip tries to reassure the tribe that they are stronger than the Fans.


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On Day 14, the Gota tribe receives a tree mail for a Reward Challenge. Reynold hopes that it’s a food reward and promises to work hard on their future challenges because he thinks that he and Eddie will be the next ones to go. Jeff Probst asks the Fans about their thoughts on Brandon’s meltdown. Matt feels bad for the Favorites (particularly for Phillip) because of what Brandon did to them and with their food. Phillip admits that the Favorites are more harmonious now that Brandon is gone. Just when they thought that it gets better at camp, Jeff tells everyone to drop their buffs! It’s now time for a tribe mix-up!

Everyone picks an egg and altogether they smash it to reveal their new tribe color. The new Gota tribe consists of Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm, Reynold, and Sherri, while the new Bikal tribe consists of Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, Julia, Matt, Michael, and Phillip. I think Gota tribe has just become the Dream Team. Just looking at those faces, Gota will slaughter Bikal in all physical challenges! Jeff then gives each tribe a bag of rice and a flint. Reynold thinks that he was given a new life in the game. That’s it. No actual reward challenge. Jeff then asks everyone to go back to their respective camps.

At Gota camp, Eddie thinks that his chances of going further in the game have significantly increased. Right off the bat, Reynold tells Erik and Malcolm that he and Eddie are being targeted by Sherri’s alliance since day one. Now they will try to throw Sherri under the bus. Erik is suspicious about this news and thinks that Reynold is like a used car salesman. Meanwhile, Sherri joins Brenda and Andrea on the beach and tells the two to be cautious against Reynold. Sherri also admits that Reynold had played the hidden immunity idol and has been looking for the second one. Andrea is delighted with this bit of news and thinks that it is good for the Favorites because up until now it’s them against the Fans. Later that day both Andrea and Malcolm head to the water well and are pleased about the fact that Sherri and the Reynold-Eddie tandem do not get along, which will be useful for all the Favorites. Andrea admits to Malcolm that she dreamed about having the hidden immunity idol. Malcolm, thinking that he has to keep his guards up, swears to Andrea that he does not have an immunity idol.

Over at Bikal tribe, Phillip tries to recruit Julia to their alliance. I don’t think it’s a good move, now that the Favorites have the majority on both tribes. Anyway, Corinne is ecstatic to have Michael in her tribe because she loves the gays. Later Phillip reveals his conversation with Corinne. Of course Corinne tells Phillip that there is no need for a Fan to flip. Corinne then revealed her conversation with Phillip to Dawn and Dawn is shocked about it. They are still glad that Phillip remains on their side, but Corinne thinks that Phillip is the worst Federal Agent ever!


The challenge site looks pretty familiar, well it’s the same challenge that has not been used because it was postponed due to Brandon’s dramatic outburst last episode. Two tribe members must roll a large crate back to start, then the next two go. Once all crates have been retrieved, the tribe must use these crates to build a staircase that spells “Fans vs. Favorites.” Simply put, I have to say the younger and stronger Gota tribe DEVOURS the weaker and older Bikal tribe on this particular challenge. Gota wins immunity.

As soon as they arrive from the challenge, Phillip gives this pep talk to the rest of the Bikal tribe. Corinne is left unimpressed and completely annoyed with Phillip’s speech. However there is nothing she could do because they have to keep the Favorites together. Later, Matt asks Phillip about the vote. Phillip is eyeing on voting Julia. Matt agrees to vote Julia too, to keep them from losing challenges. Michael also agrees. Phillip then tells the two guys about Stealth R’ Us. Matt is willing to join and follow whatever Phillip says, just to stay in the game. Later, Julia suggests to Michael and Matt to vote out Dawn. Really Julia? Of all people, you are gunning for Dawn? Matt does not like to vote out Dawn and is now sure that he will vote out Julia instead. Meanwhile, Corinne and Cochran track down with Matt and Michael about whom they are going to vote. Michael is willing to vote with the Favorites. Corinne is a bit hesitant because she is not sure if one of them has the hidden immunity idol. Matt assures her that he does not have an immunity idol. Corinne believes him. Cochran is almost certain to vote out Julia, but he is also worried because Matt and Michael seem to be close allies. Cochran thinks that power couples are dangerous to this game. Cochran, Corinne, Dawn, and Phillip head out for a family meeting just before the Tribal Council to finalize their vote. Just look at that, the Favorites are so much in control of the game while the Fans remain to look like sitting ducks. Corinne feels like they need to vote out the person who is least likely to have an immunity idol. Dawn and Cochran think that Matt does not have an idol. Phillip wants Julia out because he thinks Matt and Michael are easier to flip. And Corinne remains a good character and a star this episode for her funny adoration for Michael and for the gay community.


As a fan, Matt admits that he is happy to be playing alongside his favorite castaways. Michael is 100% sure that a Fan will go home. Corinne agrees but she admits that though it is unfair, it’s still the nature of the game. She also admits that she is worried about the hidden immunity idol. Again, Matt assures the tribe that he does not have an idol.

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Matt Bischoff is the SEVENTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.

Aww poor Matty. I am sad to see him go. I can really feel that he is a good person and a true fan of the show. As what they say, “Sh*t happens.” Anyway, just look how ferocious the Favorites play. They completely dominate the game, making the Fans look amateurish. Well, of course the Favorites have played this game before, but remembering the first FvF edition wherein fan Natalie became a dangerous player alongside Parvati and Amanda, I am predicting that at least one or two from the Fans will also stand out and become one of the best players this season.


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