Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 7 Recap: Tubby Lunchbox

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On night 16, Bikal tribe goes home from the last tribal council and Phillip, Dawn, Cochran, and Corinne apologize to Julia and Michael because of the vote.  Michael admits that the last tribal council was bad because he has been close to Matt the most.  Later, Corinne checks in with her gay-buddy Michael for a little chit-chat/girl-bonding.  She assures Michael that he is not going anywhere because she likes him.  Corinne wants Phillip out of the game, but she thinks that it is too early to make that move.  Meanwhile, Phillip notices the conversation between Corinne and Michael.  Phillip then grabs Cochran and tells him hat he wants Corinne out as soon as possible.  Cochran reminds Phillip that the Favorites must stick together.

The next day, Bikal tribe receives a tree mail for the next reward challenge.  The mail states that a stronger must bear the weaker, or something like that.  Cochran is a bit delighted with the mail and hopes that this particular challenge will cater the weaker ones, because their tribe is the weaker one physically.  Phillip is pretty confident that he can win the challenge for them then boasts his physical strength to the irritation of the others.  Dawn is rolling her eyes while Corinne starts to point out that Phillip does not have any muscles bulging out of his flagging body.  Phillip also challenges Cochran to an arm wrestling thing and gladly wins.


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The challenge is also one of the Survivor classic challenges.  A tribe will be belted together with weights to carry.  Starting on the opposite end of an oval course, they must race and catch up on the other tribe to win.  If a castaway gets tired, he/she must give the sandbag to the other castaway.  The reward is a feast with pastries coffee and more pastries.


Just before the challenge, Phillip decides to be in front of the tribe, while Gota tribe decides to place Erik and Malcolm, the faster guys in front.  Phillip gets tired that slows the Bikal tribe down, while Gota is gaining ground.  Michael tries to encourage Phillip to run, but Phillip says he is tired.  Dawn opts out and warns her tribe that Gota tribe is getting closer.  Cochran and Julia opt out and Corinne gets to carry their bags.  Wow Corinne is a tough one!  Because Gota is getting so close, Bikal starts to run.  Phillip tries to run, but falls.  Erik taps Phillip and the game is over.


Gota goes to an island for their reward.  Everyone is happy for their tribe.  Malcolm gives everyone a kiss and Reynold is delighted for his first reward win.


Over at Bikal camp, Corinne blames Phillip for the tribe’s loss.  Cochran is worried because Phillip has gone close to Julia while Corinne is pretty close with Michael and at the same time, Phillip and Corinne are eyeing on each other for the next vote.  Phillip tries to give an assignment to Julia to be a double agent or something.  Julia thinks that she does not have any other choice but to follow, just to stay in the game.  She talks!


On the heels of their recent reward, Malcolm tries to make an alliance with the alpha males because he thinks that they will get the biggest threats when merge comes.  So who are these alphas males?  Malcolm talks with Reynold about his plan and Reynold obliges.  Reynold admits that he can get Eddie to join, while Malcolm wants Erik in as well.  So the Alpha Male alliance consists of Malcolm, Reynold, Erik, and Eddie.  To gain trust, Reynold then reveals to Malcolm that he has the hidden immunity idol.  Malcolm does not reveal to Reynold that he has the other idol, but is happy that he knows where both idols are.  Moreover, Malcolm feels comfortable that Reynold is that committed to his plan.


Next day over at Bikal tribe, Julia admits to Dawn that Phillip wants to work with her.  Dawn assures Julia that Phillip is just trying to save her.  Julia then asks Dawn about the possibility of overthrowing Phillip.  Later, Dawn relates this information to Phillip.  Phillip thinks that Julia is stupid enough to reveal bits of information when she promised to keep her lips close.  Phillip and Dawn agree to vote out Julia next.



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Three castaways from each tribe must paddle it out on a canoe then dive underwater to untie a phoenix statue.  Once they retrieve the heavy statue, they must paddle back to shore and place the statue on a podium at the bottom of a tower.  Next, the other members must use a grappling hook to retrieve five rings with keys attached to it.  After retrieving all five rings, they must unlock the tower and pull the statue to the top. Surprisingly, both teams are neck and neck with the first part of the challenge.  But it is Reynold, the resident sharp-shooter (and an amazing one at that), who secures the Gota tribe with another victory as he retrieves all five rings with such ease.  Phillip, on the other hand, just could not get the rest of the rings.


At Bikal camp, Phillip keeps his ego up as he admits to Cochran that he threw the Immunity Challenge on purpose.  Cochran does not believe what Phillip is trying to say and thinks that Phillip is delusional.  Moving on, the Favorites on the Bikal tribe weigh on what to do with Julia and Michael.  Cochran suggests to split the votes to flush out any idol that they might have.  Corinne, thinking that she already knows that Malcolm already has the hidden immunity idol, disagrees with the plan that might offend Michael in return.  She insists that they can use Michael to the Favorites’ advantage.  Phillip thinks that Corinne is just pulling something to her own benefit.  Phillip then talks with Cochran and Dawn, excluding Corinne, saying that they are the three, core-alliance and Corinne is not part of it.  Corinne is definitely upset and wants to kick Phillip’s ass.




It’s still obvious that a Fan will be going home, and Michael is tensed and vulnerable at this point.  Michael hopes that the bonds that he has done with the Favorites will save him.  Dawn admits to Jeff Probst that the Favorites may have conflicts here and there, but she thinks that at the end of the day, they are still committed to their alliance.


The first turn-out of votes reveals a tie between Julia and Michael.  There goes the Favorites’ plan to flush out the idol.  The tribe then re-votes.

Julia and Michael (c) CBS

Julia Landauer is the EIGHTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.


Just when I found out that Julia does really speak, she gets voted out!  And the new Gotu tribe continues to dominate, as well as the Favorites!  With what they did to Julia, I am super-scared to play Survivor with these Favorites because they are dangerous players and cut-throat individuals!  I am also surprised to see that they are already merging come next episode!  From here on out, this season is going to be a lot crazier and I can’t wait for the Favorites to scramble and try to eat each other!

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