Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 8 Recap: Blindside Time!

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On night 19 at Bikal tribe, Michael is happy that the Favorites kept him over Julia at the last Tribal Council.  All of a sudden, Phillip grabs Dawn and Corinne then tells them that he threw the last Immunity Challenge, just to vote out another Fan.  Of course neither Corinne nor Dawn believes Phillip.  Oh Phillip is such a character, someone that I have ambivalent feelings with.

Day 20 over at Bikal tribe, everyone is anticipating about the approaching merge.  Phillip tells his allies to stick with the alliance if merge happens.  Dawn recollects about the last time she played Survivor.  The last time she played, she was deserted by Cochran and flips to the rival alliance just after the merge.  Dawn then cries.  She promises be a better decision maker this time around, for her family.

Over at Gota camp, Reynold notices a boat coming and alerts the others.  The man on the boat hands a note that tells the tribe to pack their things because they are merging.  Everyone is excited.



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The Bikal tribe is shocked to see a boat approaching, with the rest of Gota tribe on board.  Everyone is goody-goody with everyone.  Andrea then opens a chest and inside there is a feast for everyone.  Cochran is ecstatic about the merge, saying that this part of the game is the one he is excited about the most.  Inside the chest is a set of new, green-colored buffs.  From violet and orange to green?  Nice combination for buffs and I want to have those!  I also liked Survivor: Philippines buffs. The next step of the merge is of course deciding on the merged tribe’s name.  Malcolm suggests the name “Enil Edam” that everyone likes and agrees.  Andrea thinks it means “new beginning.”  What they do not know is that, Malcolm wanted to honor his mother and just flipped his mother’s name from Madeline to eniledaM.  Cool huh?

After the feast, Phillip tells Andrea that the Favorites must stick together.  Phillip singles out him, her, Cochran and Dawn as the solid, tight four.  He also stresses to Andrea the possibility of Corinne making a separate alliance with the Fans to further in the game.  Andrea still feels comfortable because just by looking at the numbers, Favorites still outnumber the Fans eight to four, but she also admits that in this game, anything can happen.

Corinne and Malcolm are both happy that they are reunited.  Malcolm then admits to Corinne that he is not sticking with the plan of keeping all the Favorites together to the end.  Now the strategy begins.  Malcolm tells Corinne that he has Reynold, Eddie, and Erik on his side.  Corinne has Michael.  In total, they have 6 out of the 12 castaways left, in their alliance.  They are thinking to have an additional one to at least have the majority.  So they will first vote out Sherri just to be at peace with the Favorites, then vote out Phillip the next to signal a power shift towards them.  Sounds like a cool plan.  Corinne is now happy with the plan and she looks forward for the blindsides.

Day 21, Cochran reads a tree mail that states something about eating and chewing something.  Andrea predicts that it will be an eating challenge.  Reynold feels scared about it while douchebag Eddie worries about his dating status and how he would kiss a girl knowing that he’d eaten something disgusting. *facepalm*  On the other hand, Cochran thinks that this particular challenge may improve his image, both for the game and for his love life.



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And the castaways are right, the first individual Immunity Challenge is an eating competition!  I have to say this is one of the classic Survivor challenges ever.  Andrea, Sherri, Corinne, Erik, Eddie, and Malcolm are the first six to compete.  The first three to finish with an empty mouth will move onto the next round.  The food: two live beetle larvae!  This is the same food that was featured all the way from Season 1!  Andrea finishes first, followed by Malcolm and Eddie.


Reynold, Brenda, Phillip, Michael, Cochran, and Dawn are next and they also have to eat two beetle larvae.  I don’t know what’s happening to Dawn, but she seems too anxious just to continue with the challenge!  I love Dawn haha!  Surprisingly, Cochran gets to eat the larvae first, followed by Phillip and Michael.


Next round: Andrea, Malcolm, Eddie, Phillip, Michael, and Cochran must now eat ship-worms.  Jeff Probst describes ship-worms as the sea’s termites.  The winners for this round are Malcolm, Eddie, and Cochran.

Next round, the three remaining guys must eat a popular Filipino delicacy — a Balut egg.  I LOVE BALUT.  Cochran and Malcolm finish first.  I don’t know why Eddie struggled eating it, maybe because he grew up a picky eater.  Final round: Malcolm and Cochran (this goes down as a battle between David and Goliath) must consume pig brains.  Cochran finishes first and he win immunity!  In a challenge of mind-over-matter, Cochran proves that he has the brightest mind of all.


Back at camp, the scrambling begins.  Malcolm is pretty confident to have numbers to vote with him.  He is also glad that Corinne is on his side.  Meanwhile, Phillip talks with Corinne.  Phillip tells her that the Favorites must split the votes to Reynold and Eddie to eliminate one of the two power players around.  Thinking that she wants to keep both guys, proposes to vote out Sherri instead.  Phillip disagrees (of course!).  Corinne becomes furious for ignoring her plans.  Now Corinne meets with Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and encourages them to vote for Sherri instead of splitting the votes.  Cochran does not understand why Corinne wants to keep Reynold and Eddie over Sherri.  He is also worried about the Favorites especially the power struggle between Phillip and Corinne.


Later, Corinne tells Reynold and Eddie that she is on board with the new alliance.  Reynold is delighted with the news.  After that, Corinne tries to recruit Dawn.  Corinne reveals her plan to Dawn to vote out Sherri first, then Phillip after.  She also tells Dawn that she has Malcolm, Reynold, Eddie, Michael, and Erik voting together.  Dawn has become anxious and troubled about what to do.  She admits that her downfall last time was when she did not share important information.  Dawn now relates Corinne’s plan to Cochran.  Now the Cochran-mind is on overdrive.  Dawn and Cochran realize that Corinne is a dangerous player and together they must come up a plan to eliminate Corrine.  Cochran then shares the information to Andrea.  Andrea suggests to get Erik and Sherri to vote with them and blindside Corinne.  Andrea then reveals everything to Phillip.  Phillip (of course!) wants Corinne out ASAP.  Phillip is happy about his core alliance sticking together while the others are scrambling.  Phillip then tries to get Sherri.  Sherri is willing to make her biggest move of her game by joining the Favorites, though she admits that she does not like Phillip’s arrogance.  Meanwhile, Andrea tells Erik to vote out Corinne and just before the Tribal Council, Malcolm tells Erik to vote out Sherri.  Erik is clueless on what is going on and thinks that he is the swing vote.  Oh Erik, are you this season’s Carter Williams (Survivor: Philippines)?



Michael admits that he is certain that a Fan will be voted out next.  Corinne sympathizes with the Fans but she is willing to listen to their plans.  Sherri feels hopeless with her current status in the game.  Reynold thinks that he can feel a change happening and he hopes that the change is really happening.


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Corinne Kaplan is the NINTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites.


BOOM!  A shocked Corinne leaves the game with a well-orchestrated blindside made by Dawn, Cochran, Andrea and the gang!  I have to say this blindside is one of the best.  I think Corinne made a critical mistake coming to the Tribal Council.  Her plan with Malcolm would have worked had she remained silent with her plans and tried to do a sneaky-snake game.  She would have just agreed with Phillip about splitting the votes, so Reynold and Eddie would get three votes each then Corinne, Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold, and Michael would vote Phillip with 5 solid votes!  They can also use Sherri to vote with them.


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