Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 9 Recap: Cut Off the Head of the Snake

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Welcome to the world of The Favorites.  The last tribal council was a success for the Favorites, and voting off a fellow Favorite (Corinne) was a shock to Malcolm’s secret alliance.  On day 23, Phillip still believes that the Favorites are in control of the game.  Reynold tells Eddie that every girl that associates herself with the Fans gets voted off.  Their next target? Andrea? Maybe.  Though he is upset with what happened with his closest ally Corinne, Malcolm still feels confident that Michael, Eddie, and Reynold are still with him, besides the fact that nobody else knows about his immunity idol (Corinne is the only person who knew about Malcolm’s hidden immunity idol and now she’s gone).  Moreover, Malcolm feels glad that Stealth R’ Us voted out Corinne instead of him and now he is ready to do what’s next for their counter-alliance.

And speaking of Stealth R’ Us, Phillip recruits Sherri to the groups and Sherri gladly joins in.  She is now called Tenacity.  Sherri considers Phillip as her new Shamar.


(c) CBS

Enil Edam will be divided into two groups of five.  Each group must have a goal defender.  One by one, one player must throw a ball pass the defender and into the net goal to score a point.  The first team to get four points wins a picnic by the waterfalls.  The purple team consists of all males — Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Michael, and Reynold.  Michael will be the goal defender.  Orange team consists of Phillip, Brenda, Malcolm, Dawn, and Andrea.  Malcolm will be the defender.  That leaves Sherri as the unlucky one as she is not chosen and does not have a shot at winning the reward!  Alas, the team of boys wins!

The guys arrive at the waterfall.  They need to repel down the waterfall and Cochran gets scared.  As watches the other boys doing it (Reynold does it with style, going down like an action star), Cochran reflects on what he has done with Survivor, from being the same guy who is scared to take of his shirt, to someone who repels a waterfall.  Over picnic, Michael and Reynold suggest to have an all-male alliance and persuades Cochran to make that big move.  Cochran admits, “I don’t want to be engaging any sort of masculine tomfoolery with these numbskulls.”  Right on Cochran. HAHA.

Back at Enil Edam camp, Malcolm tries to recruit the persons whom he thinks as the people at the bottom of the Stealth R’ Us alliance–Sherri or Dawn.  He first tries to talk with Sherri.  He tells her the option of having in the final 5 versus Stealth R’ Us’ final 8.  Next, he tries to recruit Dawn.  Dawn on the other hand, realizes that Malcolm is a dangerous player.  Now she plans to blindside Malcolm.  Later she talks with Sherri, Andrea, and Phillip as she plans on pretending that she is with Malcolm, then they would pretend to split the votes (Reynold and Eddie) but in fact they are voting Malcolm out (just like what they did to Corinne).

Next day, Andrea spends time with Eddie and sparks fly.  I still don’t know if this is a date or a way of playing/manipulating each other.  Eddie tells Andrea that he would do anything to stay in the game.  He also thinks that she likes him.  Eddie feels like he can just go with the flow, then take control of the game later.  Andrea asks Eddie if he knows anyone who has the hidden immunity idol.  Eddie lies and tells her that he does not know.  Andrea promises Eddie that her alliance will not vote for him, only if he tells her Malcolm’s plans.


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Each castaway will take a spot in the water underneath a grated steel barrier.  As the tide rises, the water level rises.  The castaway who could last and stay calm the longest wins immunity.  Phillip drops out first, followed by Sherri and Erik.  After a couple of minutes, Dawn, Michael, and Malcolm are the next ones to opt out.  As the water rises, the next three guys — Reynold, Cochran, and Eddie — all pull out.  Brenda and Andrea are the last two women standing.  Andrea starts to struggle, while Brenda remains still. Brenda wins immunity!

Back at camp, Malcolm thinks that the next tribal council is very crucial for his own game plan.  Malcolm just hopes that he can assure the Favorites’ alliance that he is still with them, and then take one of them out.  Later, Andrea tells Malcolm about the plan of splitting the votes to Reynold and Eddie.  Of course this is just a setup for Andrea and she looks as if she is trying very hard to lie.  Andrea commends Malcolm for being such a good liar, but she is more impressed by how well Dawn is playing Malcolm by pretending to be in his alliance.  Meanwhile, Malcolm tells Dawn the plan of taking out Andrea, for he thinks that Andrea is the one true leader who calls the shots.  Malcolm also reveals to Dawn that Reynold has the hidden immunity idol that would help them to get further in the game.  Dawn promises to work with Malcolm, only if she sees Reynold’s idol.  Later that day, Reynold discretely shows his hidden immunity idol to Dawn.  However, Reynold warns Dawn that he will play the idol if he feels that she is not with them.  Such an amateur and bully-ish way of making a threat.  Dawn’s head has been cleared and she thinks that it’s a shame that Malcolm has even brought her into their secret plan.  Meanwhile, Eddie, who already knew that Malcolm is planning to vote out Andrea, talks to Andrea!  Eddie tries to get her to tell him whom she is voting for.  Andrea assures Eddie that he will not go home tonight.  After some more pressing of information, Eddie kind of tells Andrea that she had been targeted for tonight.  Andrea becomes so shocked with this information that she almost cracks and breaks down.  After that, she tells Cochran to change their original plan and vote for Michael since they know that he does not have an idol.  Cochran is reluctant with Andrea’s sudden change of plans.  Just minutes before the tribal council, Andrea tells everyone in her alliance to change the plan and vote out Michael.  Phillip still thinks that voting out Malcolm is a great plan.  Dawn and Andrea do a mini pep talk.  Dawn tells Andrea that she thinks that voting out a dangerous player is the right way to go.  Andrea is freaking out and does not know what to do.  Cue in the tribal council (I just love the editing!).


(c) CBS

Phillip introduces to Jeff Probst the newest addition to the Stealth R’ Us group — Sherri.  Sherris reminds that the remaining Fans and old tribe mates had voted for her in the past.  Eddie thinks that he would rather play his own game than be someone else’s puppet.  Touche Eddie I like it!  Reynold then points out that someone with an idol can potentially change the game.  Phillip then tells everyone that they can all just throw votes at anyone just to flush out an idol.  He also assures that if anyone from Stealth R’ Us would do something against the alliance will be crushed.  Malcolm’s face is now undetermined.  The tribe then votes.  Just before the announcement of votes, Reynold wants to use his hidden immunity idol, but Malcolm insisted that his gut tells him that everyone voted out for him.  So, Reynold, gives his hidden immunity to Malcolm!  Reynold has one vote, Andrea has three (Andrea was right after all!), and Michael receives six votes.

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Michael Snow is the TENTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites and the first member of the jury.

Whew the episode was all over the place and the tribal council was CRAZY!  I have to say, the star of this episode was Andrea!  She worked her way well with her core alliance and with a bit of instinct, she was able to scramble at the last minute to save herself.  I was scared for Andrea and boy, she was right with the secret alliance’s plan!  However, scrambling in a paranoid manner may be her downfall.


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