Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs Favorites Episode 10 Recap: Zipping Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

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Someone is getting coo-coo crazy over at camp!  Stay tuned for details.

Coming from a crazy tribal council, Enil Edam returns to camp with a group meeting, but not as a whole tribe.  Stealth R’ Us gathers together to discuss their future plans while  Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold are all left behind.  Reynold welcomes Malcolm to the bottom of the pack.  Too bad for Malcolm.  His chance of demolishing the majority alliance seems slimmer now that they are down to three in their alliance.  The only chance of survival for these three is to find an immunity idol.  Luckily, Malcolm still has one.  Meanwhile at the Stealth R’ Us meeting (oh, I’m starting to hate them), Dawn wants to opt out as a double agent.  Their next plan is to split the votes, again, to flush out any other potential idols.

On day 26, Cochran admits to Phillip that Dawn does not have any chances of winning the game because so far, she has betrayed a lot of people.  Phillip agrees.  In the middle of their conversation, they heard a loud cry coming from the back of their camp.  Brenda looks for Dawn and she finds her near the lake, crying hysterically.  Dawn explains to Brenda that her retainer with fake teeth fell while she was swimming.  She cries and wants to leave the game out of pure embarrassment.  And she is not kidding.  Wow.  Brenda assures Dawn that she will try to look for her retainer.  Shortly after, Brenda finds it!  Dawn is grateful to Brenda while Brenda admits, “My heart just went out to her so much, and after that incident, I’m not going to turn my back on her and vice versa.”


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The game is a recycle from Survivor Philippines (specifically Episode 9) wherein two teams of five must race through a series of obstacles and into a muddy pit to dig and search for bags and then they must go under a pit of rice.  The bags contain balls that they must shoot to a tall cylinder.  The first team to shoot twelve balls into the basket wins reward.  The winning team will be taken to a resort with pool and a meaty feast (pork, beef, chicken, and with cocktails).  The purple team consists of Reynold, Dawn, Cochran, and Phillip. The orange team consists of Eddie, Sherri, Andrea, Erik, and Malcolm.  Malcolm and Erik go first.  Malcolm, who has done this during Survivor Philippines, knows the perfect strategy for this particular challenge.  Malcolm copies Jonathan Penner (Survivor Philippines) and stays in the muddy pit to search all five bags of balls at once.  After Erik finishes his run, Reynold comes next on the course and copies Malcolm’s strategy.  Reynold seems to find the bags faster than Malcolm and the purple team leads.  What’s more depressing is the performance of Sherri.  Sherri drags the whole orange team down and as Eddie tries to catch up, purple team shoots and scores their twelfth ball and wins reward.

At the reward, Dawn, Cochran, Phillip, Erik, and Reynold feast for the food that is served for them.  Dawn is happy that she needs this reward because she thinks that she is losing her marbles.  Oh yeah Dawn, c’mon and eat a lot okay?  After the feast, everyone decides to jump into the swimming pool.  Unlike the others, Phillip jumps right into the swimming pool without even rinsing off the mud and rice from his body.  I really could not explain what kind of breeding does Phillip have.  He is clearly disgusting and inconsiderate.

The winners of the reward head back to camp.  At night, Dawn admits that she has not gotten any good sleep because she is paranoid that she might be the next one to be blindsided.  She is also paranoid at Andrea because she thinks that Andrea spends too much time with Eddie, Malcolm, and Reynold.  The next day, Dawn confides with Cochran and Phillip.  Phillip reassures Dawn that Andrea is not flipping.  Later, Dawn almost gets into an argument with Andrea because Dawn thinks that Andrea is getting too close for comfort with Eddie and Malcolm.  Dawn admits to Cochran about her paranoia.  Cochran becomes worried of Dawn.  He admits, “It looks like there is another possible hummingbird that’s zipping over the cuckoo’s nest and her name is Dawn.” HAHA!

The next morning, Dawn is more relaxed because she was able to sleep well that night. Phillip calls for a Stealth R’ Us meeting.  Phillip, Andrea, Cochran, Erik, Brenda, Dawn, and Sherri agree that Reynold should go.  They will also split the votes to Reynold and Malcolm to flush out any possible idols.


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This challenge is an exhausting one.  Each castaway must race across a platform, jump into the ocean, swim back under the platform while pulling a rope, climb up the platform again, grab a ring from a pole and transfer it to the second pole.  They must repeat the steps and get the second ring to the second post.  The game comes in two heats.  The first two castaways from each heat will move on to the final round.  First heat: Reynold, Dawn, Cochran, Andrea, and Sherri.  Reynold leads the pack and never gives it up.  Andrea is the second to finish.  Before the second heat, Phillip opts out of the challenge, the first one in the history of Survivor to gives up on an Immunity Challenge.  Second heat: Erik, Eddie, Malcolm, and Brenda.  Malcolm finishes first, followed by Eddie.  However, Eddie loses control of his ring and misses the post.  Brenda makes it through the final round.  In the final round, the winner must get five rings onto the post.  This is going to be tough!  Reynold and Malcolm are neck and neck at this point while the other two girls (Andrea and Brenda) though pretty strong are at the back of the pack.  In the end, Reynold finishes first and wins immunity.

Back at camp, Phillip regroups his alliance and they finalize their plan to split the votes to Malcolm and Eddie.  Phillip feels that he is in a good position in the game and he thinks that he has a great shot at winning.  Meanwhile, Malcolm encourages Reynold and Eddie to look for the hidden immunity idol.  And the hunt for the hidden immunity idol begins.  Dawn and Andrea also decide to look for the idol.  As they are searching, they come across Malcolm who is on the hunt and right there, Malcolm is able to find the immunity idol inside a rock crevice.  Andrea and Dawn are stunned.  Andrea thinks that Malcolm is very lucky that he was able to find the idol at the perfect time.  Andrea and Dawn relayed the news to the rest of their alliance and they decide to keep with the plan of splitting the votes — four for Malcolm and three for Eddie.


Reynold admits to Jeff Probst that he did work hard to win immunity because he is pretty sure that he or Eddie or Malcolm are the next ones to go.  Andrea then reveals to everyone that Malcolm found the hidden immunity idol, which Malcolm happily displays.  Such bad news for Eddie!  Meanwhile, Phillip explains why he did not participate in the immunity challenge.  When he was a boy he got stuck underwater, blah blah blah.  I don’t know if this story was true or Phillip is just making excuses.  BOOM, all of a sudden, Malcolm reveals his first hidden immunity idol and he gladly gives it to Eddie!  Now the Tres Amigos (Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold) all have immunity necklaces wrapped around their necks!  Of course everyone else is shocked and right in front of Jeff, they are murmuring and whispering and scrambling.  The Tres Amigos gloat with delight and Malcolm also reveals that they will be voting out Phillip because they think Phillip sucks out the fun in Survivor.  You could also see (or hear) Brenda whispering (our mouthing) to Dawn to vote out Andrea.  Andrea fears that she might be the one to go.  Erik points out that one or two of the three may be bluffing about using the idol tonight.  Erik actually has a nice point.  Phillip agrees and tells his alliance to stick with their original plan.  Enil Edam votes.  Eddie and Malcolm use their immunity idols.  Malcolm receives two votes while Eddie receives four.

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Phillip Sheppard is the ELEVENTH person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites and the second member of the jury.

Best. Tribal. Council. EVER!!!  It’s funny and delightful to watch the majority or the ones who control the game get so shocked and stunned that they needed to have an emergency meeting of some sort.  And I also love to watch the underdogs be able to control the game for at least once!  Eddie was such a very lucky dude, that’s for sure.  In addition, I think this is the first time that you would see a group of castaways completely ignoring Jeff Probst and silently discussing on what to do with their votes!  I have to say, this season has become one of my favorite seasons of Survivor!

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