Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 11 Recap: Come Over To The Dark Side

(c) CBS

Last episode of Survivor served as an eye-opener for the Stealth R’ Us alliance.  The last tribal council was like an ice-cold water pouring over the heads of the majority alliance, leaving us, the viewers, at the edge of our seats enjoying every minute of it!

Night 28 (the end is very near!), Enil Edam returns to camp after the last tribal council.  Malcolm feels victorious with the ousting of Stealth R’ Us’ leader Phillip and he hopes that the majority alliance will begin to fracture even more.

Day 29 and the tribe still has this shocked nature in their camp.  Cochran thinks that the last tribal council left him breathless and terrified.  Brenda begins to cry and crumble in front of our eyes.  Dawn comforts Brenda and offers water to drink (On a Side Note: just look at their drinking water!  It looks yellow and dirty!)

Alas, a tree mail has come that amps up the tribe’s morale.  Together with the tree mail are envelopes of money, which means…it’s time for the Survivor auction!


Ready for some Survivor Auction? (c) CBS

Bidding must be done in $20 increments, and there is no sharing of money or food.  First on the menu is a bottle of beer and a bowl of peanuts.  Malcolm kicks things off with a $20 bid.  No one follows and Malcolm wins.  What he does not know is that Jeff Probst brings out 2 more bottles of beer and a bowl of pretzels, all for Malcolm!  Reynold gets a covered item for $180 then Jeff gives Reynold an option whether to choose this or choose covered items #2 or #3.  Reynold sticks with his first choice.  Jeff reveals item #3 as a rotten coconut.  Reynold gets a slice of pizza and as Jeff reveals item #2 as the rest of the pizza, Sherri, without hesitation, spends all of her money for it!  Dawn also spends all of her money to a whole roasted chicken.  Both Sherri and Dawn are out of money.  Next item is an information that is beneficial to the game.  Malcolm bids all of his remaining money for this.  Jeff gives Malcolm 60 seconds to read the information, which seems like a direction to the hidden immunity idol.  Andrea gets a covered item for $280.  As Jeff reveals it to be spaghetti and meatballs with bread and wine, he gives an option to Andrea to either choose this or two bags of rice and beans for the whole tribe.  Of course Andrea chooses the latter.  At this point Brenda seems a bit anxious about the auction for she is afraid that she might use her money to something bad.  What’s happening to Brenda?  I think she is breaking!  Anyway, Cochran outbids Brenda and Reynold to get an advantage for the next immunity challenge.  Then, Brenda bids for $300 for a covered item.  Jeff reveals that she bought pig brains!  Oh poor Brenda!  Next item: letters from home worth $20 each.  Malcolm, Sherri, and Dawn are disappointed because they do not have money to buy the letters. Eddie buys the last item for the auction for $200.  Jeff reveals the item to be a big bowl of peanut butter and it is to be shared with everyone for 60 seconds.

Back at camp, everyone just sits down on a mat as they read their purchased letters from home.  Dawn gives everyone the motherly-love as everyone gets emotional, especially Cochran.  Meanwhile, Reynold and Malcolm try to recruit Sherri to their alliance.  Reynold gives a bully-like behavior as he encourages Sherri to join them for a final five scenario.  Reynold tells Sherri that the worst case is that Sherri would last until fifth place.  Sherri admits that the offer is tempting and thinks that if she could not beat the guys, then the best thing is to join them.  Next Reynold and Malcolm decide to get Erik and try to knockout Cochran, whom they think as the most strategic player.

At night, as the others are sleeping, Malcolm spends the night looking for the hidden immunity idol.  The clue said that the idol is located near the water, under a tree growing out of a rock.  All throughout the night he tries digging every possible spot that the idol might be hidden, but he is unsuccessful.  Before the sun rises, Cochran and Andrea spot Malcolm near the well, looking the idol.  Malcolm is disappointed that they found out where he is looking for the idol.  Sneaky Andrea then decides to stay put and guards Malcolm.  Malcolm stops searching and the sun has risen and they are still there, with no chance of progress for Malcolm!  Nice one Andrea!


(c) CBS

Each castaway must hold on to a rope that is connected to a log for as long as they can.  At regular intervals, one must move one knot lower, making the log heavier and more difficult to bear.  Cochran then reads his advantage.  The note states that Cochran can move up two knots on the rope anytime during the challenge.  As the challenge progresses up until the second knot, Cochran decides to use his advantage and goes back to the starting position.  Brenda is the first one to drops the log, followed by Erik.  Sherri is the next one to lose grip of the rope, then Malcolm loses his balance.  Next two to go are Andrea and Dawn.  Reynold’s hands slips on the rope so it’s between Cochran and Eddie.  In the end, Cochran outlasts everyone as he wins his second individual immunity!

Back at camp, Malcolm hopes that he can bluff his way and wants everyone to think that his alliance has the hidden immunity idol.  He also hopes that the remaining Stealth R’ Us members would split their votes three and three.  If Malcolm can get Sherri to their side then their four votes would be powerful enough to vote out a Favorite.  Sherri strongly considers the plan.  Next, Reynold talks with Erik and Erik tells Reynold that he is eager to vote with the guys, though he is still undecided on what to do.  Erik thinks that he has to play both sides to know every information possible for him.  I must admit, such a very dangerous strategic plan for Erik indeed!  Later, Erik talks with Dawn, Andrea, and Cochran about their plan for the vote.  Stealth R’ Us decides to split the votes between Malcolm and Reynold.  In case of a tie, they will then vote for Malcolm.  I am not a fan of splitting the votes because as the number of castaways dwindles, the more dangerous the splitting of votes goes.  Just before the tribal council, Sherri believes that she has become a valuable player, because she considers herself as the swing vote and with her vote, she controls the game.  Way to go Sherri!


Blindside again? (c) CBS

Reynold admits to Jeff that the majority alliance has changed since Phillip was vote out.  Andrea insists that it would be stupid to flip because Malcolm-Eddie-Reynold alliance is so tight for the final three.  Sherri admits that she is considering flipping because she feels that she is at the bottom of the alliance of six.  Dawn assures Sherri that she is not at the bottom of the Favorites’ alliance.  Andrea hopes that everyone in her alliance would stick together because she feels that she is 80% sure that Malcolm has found the hidden immunity idol.  The tribe votes.  Result: a triple tie among Malcolm, Reynold, and Andrea.  The tribe, except the three mentioned, re-votes.

(c) CBS

Malcolm Freberg is the twelfth person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites and the third member of the jury.

Oh.  Too bad for Malcolm.  He was so eager to move heaven and earth to change the game, unfortunately he was not successful.  Having said that, I think he did a decent job as a returning player.  We will never forget Malcolm this season because of his historical move/shakeup last episode!


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