UFC 159 Results: Jon Jones Beats Down Chael Sonnen by TKO on First Round

No one can fault Chael for not bringing the fight to Jones. However, all his effort amounted to little when Jones got on top to brutalize him until the referee stopped the fight in round 1.

The coaches of the latest season of the UFC’s reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter 17, Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones andChael Sonnen finally met each other in the Octagon at UFC 159.

As expected Chael came out looking very aggressive, but gave up an early takedown for his efforts. He scrambled back to his feet and they wrapped up in the clinch. Chael really looked to grab the guillotine from the clinch, but Jones was unfazed. Jones hooked his arms behind Chael’s legs and lifted him for a big takedown. Chael did his best to work off his back, but found himself defending absolutely brutal ground and pound from the champ.

Jon Jones retained his title with a first round TKO (4:44) over Chael Sonnen.

The post fight interview showed that Jones suffered a gruesome broken toe during the fight.

SOURCE: Bloody Elbow


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