Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 12 Recap: The Beginning Of The End

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I did not expect that this episode would be a double header, but because it’s already the 12th episode and there are still 8 castaways remaining, it’s inevitable to see two castaways leaving in a single episode.

On night 30, the remaining members of Stealth R’ Us are delighted to come back to camp after voting out Malcolm.  Reynold vents that even though the Tres Amigos are history, his game ain’t over.  His next strategy is to win immunity challenges to stay in the game.  Eddie thinks he is also an underdog.  I don’t know if Eddie has done anything in the game.  Meanwhile, Andrea talks to Cochran and she already wants to plan ahead.  Cochran compares his past and present game and thinks that he is proud of his bolder playing style this time around.

Morning on day 31, the tribe receives a tree mail.  They think that it is for the next reward challenge and boy they are wrong.


(c) CBS

Each castaway must balance on a triangular podium right in the middle of the water with their bare feet stepping on a narrow foothold.  At a certain interval, they must move up the platform, making it harder to balance.  Aside from immunity, they are also playing for reward as Jeff Probst shows a rolled piece of paper as what he says as an information for the game.  Minutes after the start of the challenge, Jeff offers a plate of donuts for anyone who likes to forfeit the game.  Erik and Eddie both decide to opt out.  For real Eddie?  I think Eddie is just playing along and just stupidly permits himself to the game of Survivor without even playing.  After fifteen minutes, the remaining castaways move up one foot hold higher.  Next Jeff offers three hotdogs with soda.  Cochran gives in to the temptation.  After several minutes and a foot hold higher, Dawn and Sherri lose balance.  So it’s between Reynold, Andrea, and Brenda.  The wind is tough too, giving them a hard time balancing.  After several amazing recovers, Reynold loses his balance and falls!  Brenda starts negotiating with Andrea, but they both decide to continue on with the challenge.  THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT!  I love this competitive nature of the girls!  Andrea also promises to Brenda that is she wins immunity, she will share the reward with her.  Three hours have passed and they are still there!  Amazing job girls!  Eventually, Brenda and Andrea both decide to lift one leg to make it more challenging.  Andrea wins immunity!

Back at camp, Reynold is disappointed that he lost the last immunity challenge.  He now hopes the alliance would use him to blindside a Favorite.  Meanwhile, Andrea allows Brenda to see the scroll she had won.  The note tells them about the location of the hidden immunity idol.  They reveal the note to the rest of their alliance and together they all search for it.  Erik starts digging at a spot and finds the idol.  He then stupidly hands it over to Andrea!  WTF!  Cochran also thinks that Erik never learns.  Well, Erik has indeed a history of handing over an immunity idol. HAHA.  Later, Andrea starts to do some more strategies.  She admits to Cochran that Brenda is a dangerous player and she wants to blindside her.  Andrea feels that some blindsides need to happen before it happens to her.  Cochran agrees, but he also considers Andrea as a dangerous competitor as well.  Later Andrea checks in with Dawn about the idea of taking out Brenda instead of Reynold.  Of course Dawn is nervous about it and admits that it’s her obstacle to have a decisive mind.


Brenda admits that she would rather be beaten than quit an immunity challenge.  Reynold reminds everyone that he can be useful in making bold moves tonight.  Cochran agrees that big moves are important in its perfect timing.  Everyone is vocal about being paranoid about the game, especially about trust issues.  Eddie hopes that this paranoia can keep him in the game.  The tribe votes.  Jeff reveals all the votes – one for Erik, one for Sherri, two for Eddie, and four for Reynold.

(c) CBS

Reynold Toepfer is the thirteenth person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites and the fourth member of the jury.

As Enil Edam returns to camp, everyone (well except for Eddie) is delighted that Reynold is gone.  Immediately, Andrea (again) starts to think about her next strategy.  Andrea suggests to Cochran the possibility of blindsiding Brenda or Dawn next.  Of all people, Andrea targets Dawn, in front of Cochran?  Of course, Cochran thinks that Andrea is making big moves, moves that he does not agree because we all know that Dawn and Cochran are tight allies.  Cochran talks with Dawn and Brenda.  They all agree that it’s a no-brainer to vote out Eddie next, that is, until Cochran reveals to them Andrea’s plan!  Poof!  Brenda wants Andrea out now!  Cochran then worries about Andrea’s hidden immunity idol.  Brenda is a little confident that they can all get together and blindside Andrea.


One must push a buoy into a series of obstacles, then at the end of the obstacle, they must untie the knots to release a key.  They must use the key to unlock a chest, which contains ladder rungs.  These rungs are used to complete a ladder puzzle.  The first person to climb a complete ladder and to raise the flag wins.  Brenda and Erik are off to an early lead.  Erik gets to the key first, while Brenda’s buoy is caught in the ropes.  Cochran, Dawn, and Andrea make it to their keys next.  They all start to untie the knots for the release of their keys.  Erik gets his key first, followed by Andrea.  They both unlock the chest and pull out the rungs to start working on their ladders.  Erik seems to pull away from the rest and wins immunity in a blow-out fashion.  The bigger question is that:  will he give up his immunity to someone else, just like what he did before?  Haha!

Back at camp, Andrea (AGAIN) starts to make strategies and recommends to Cochran and Dawn to blindside Brenda tonight.  Andrea also feels bad for Brenda, because she knows what it feels like to be blindsided.  In addition, Andrea is confident about the plan that she does not feel the need to use her hidden immunity idol.  Next, Andrea assures Eddie that he will not be the next one to go.  For the first time, Eddie thinks that the target is not in his back.  Andrea goes back to Cochran and she tells him that Eddie would be a better opponent to take into the final three rather than taking Dawn and Brenda with them.  Cochran is frightened with this information and thinks that Andrea is certainly protecting Eddie.  Cochran now suggests to Dawn, Sherri, Brenda to split the vote between Eddie and Andrea, just in case Andrea uses her hidden immunity.  Later, Cochran tells Erik about the plan then after that, Andrea also tells Erik about the plan of blindsiding Brenda.  Erik likes that fact that he is in the middle of two plans and thinks that he controls the game.


Being the last Amigo, Eddie hopes that he is spared and someone else will be blindsided.  The tribal council is all about lies.  Cochran admits to Jeff that he has lied to people in his alliance, as much as they have lied to him.  Andrea points out that people are beginning to form final three alliances.  She also reminds about her hidden immunity idol and she will use it whenever she feels vulnerable.

(c) CBS

Andrea Boehlke is the fourteenth person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites and the fifth member of the jury.

First, good riddance to Reynold.  His departure is definitely long overdue!  He was in a tough spot and he is just counting the days for his elimination.  He and Eddie don’t have any other plans because the majority alliance is so tight at this point.  Then there’s Andrea.  I LOVE ANDREA.  I think she (and possibly Malcolm) is the best player of the season!  I think she over-strategize everything coming to the tribal council, hence her elimination.  Had she taken a back seat and stuck with her alliance (and formed a solid bond with Cochran and Dawn or let’s say Brenda and Erik) and just did a safe vote with Eddie, she would have stayed a little longer.  Anyway, Andrea did a great game play and it sucks that she’s gone.

It’s also nice to see Reynold and Andrea leaving the game without hard feelings.  By the way, Andrea’s reactions to her boot (shouting out a “What?” and her exit reaction) are priceless!


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