25 Mother’s Day Gifts to AVOID This Year!

Mothers_Day.jpgLet me be the first one to greet all the mothers in the world a very Happy Mother’s Day!       Do you already have any gift ideas to your moms?  Well, I found this article from Funny or Die (I love this website, may I add) and here they listed down the gifts the you should NOT give your mom’s this special day.  Enjoy!





1. A strong pat on the back and a heartfelt “Keep up the good work”


2. Legal custody of two “high functioning” 13-year-old grandsons


3. An Instagram of your growing bald spot with the caption “You did this”


4. A 24 hour window in which you temporarily remove her email address from your blocked senders list


5. One complimentary tour of the Convalescents “R” Us nursing home


6. Good vibes


7. Quick summary of your wedding and a promise to invite her to the next one


8. Backpack full of Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets


9. Your top 100 Kate Middleton gifs from Jan – April ’13  


10. Discounted subscription to your “Animal Ethics” podcast


11. One Office Max “20% Off Everything You Can Fit in this Bag” bag


12.  The chance hear you do your famous Samuel L. Jackson “Hold onto your butts!” impression


13. An email with a link to the “CSI” IMDB page because you heard she like watches that show or whatever


14. Game genie


15. Position of the Day Playbook with your favorites highlighted


16. Recording of you and dad singing along with Pink Floyd’s “Mother”


17. A copy of your new Kindle Single, Why Adam Lanza was Right


18. Your sticky note reminder to “buy present 4 mom”  


19. One pocket constitution with your notes on how Obama is currently “ass raping” each article and amendment


20. Used Metallica t-shirt with the note, “Please return upon receipt thx”


21. BluBlockers


22. A behind-the-scenes DVD of Chris Christie’s lap band surgery with commentary


23. “HMD” posted on her Facebook wall


24. Another year of repressing those feelings of profound resentment, guilt and bitterness


25. Tie rack


[Special thanks to the author, Charlie Nadler!]


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