Survivor Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 13 Recap: ‘Don’t Say Anything About My Mom’

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Welcome to the first part of Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites Season Finale.  Can Eddie break into the remaining Stealth ‘R Us alliance or will this be his sending off episode?


DAY 35, Eddie considers himself as a sitting duck and he is just counting the days (or minutes) before his life in Survivor ends.  He bonds with Cochran and tells him that the only way for him to move on is to win challenges.  Eddie reminds Cochran that if he wins immunity, he would be the next one to go.  Of course, Cochran is shocked to hear this and thinks that it might be possible.  Meanwhile, Dawn, Brenda, and Erik talk strategy.  Brenda targets Cochran for he is the biggest threat.  Dawn, thinking that she is in the middle of a possible Cochran-Sherri and Brenda-Erik final three scenarios, agrees to Brenda about the Cochran threat.


Later, Erik shows his tree calendar to Cochran, Dawn, and Brenda.  He has been playing Survivor for a total of 70 days! Erik admits that he is not happy because he is hungry and now we get to see him almost loses his sanity.  C’mon Erik, it’s your seventieth day on Survivor and you go crazy?  Keep it together!  After a failed attempt to climb a coconut tree, Brenda and Dawn remind him that it’s day 35 and he has to keep up for the game is almost finished.  Meanwhile, Eddie calls out on everyone because he has a tree mail and it’s not just any other tree mail — it’s a Sprint phone with video messages from loved ones!  Everyone gets emotional with the videos (Brenda’s dad, Raymond, Dawn’s husband David, Sherri’s husband Jared, Cochran’s mom Arlene, Eddie’s dad Edward, and Erik’s brother Rich) while Erik gets pumped up once again.  They end the videos with a selfie pic of themselves.  Cool.

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Jeff Probst introduces the loved ones and for the first time in Survivor history, he also gets teared up by the reunion!  We get to see Brenda hugging her father while talking about humility, Dawn going gaga with her husband, Sherri doing a crazy cry in front of her husband, and Eddie looking like a little kid as he gets a big ‘ol bear hug from his father.

(c) CBS
(c) CBS

Each loved one-castaway pair must spin around in circles to unscrew three poles that must be stacked one by one to create a rail.  Once they stacked the three poles, they must throw bolos onto those rails.  The first pair to land three bolos wins a barbeque feast by the camp’s shore.  Just before the challenge, Arlene, Cochran’s mom, says sorry to her son because she feels like they have zero shots at winning.  Aww!  Everyone begins to get dizzy after unscrewing the first pole.  Erik and his brother Rich are the first one to unscrew the first pole, but it’s Raymond, Brenda’s dad, who lands the third bolo and wins reward for the father-daughter team!


Jeff tells Brenda that she can choose one more castaway to join the reward.  Brenda chooses Dawn.  And just when you thought that Survivor has run out of its twists and game changes, Jeff reveals to Brenda another video that shows a message from her sister!  In a Survivor first, everyone on the tribe has a second loved one for a visit!  The second loved ones are Cochran’s dad, Sherri’s oldest son, Erik’s other brother, Eddie’s mother, and Dawn’s best friend.  And now for the dilemma: Jeff reveals to Brenda that she can choose one more castaway for a reward OR give out the remaining four castaways and their loved ones the reward, taking it away from herself and Dawn.  Tough one!  Brenda chooses to give up the reward to the four remaining four.


Cochran, Erik, Eddie, and Sherri arrive with their loved ones on a barge, which is visible to the Enil Edam camp.  Eddie is greeted by his mother and tells him that she will make her son fat again.  Sherri is greeted by her son and gets emotional.  Cochran takes a glimpse of his father grilling the burgers, hotdogs, and steaks, an unusual activity for his dad.  Cochran thinks that his dad is trying hard to be a cool dad!  I think Cochran’s family is so laid-back and extremely likable at the same time!  Anyway, as they feast on the barbecue and Sherri going back to being a super fan of the show as she poses a photo with Cochran, Brenda and Dawn is left miserable at camp.  Dawn is inconsolable and I think she is definitely breaking down pretty badly.  Brenda, on the other hand, feels that she did the right decision of giving up her reward, but still thinks that the decision she had is like a double-edged sword that can either help her or hurt her in the game.  As Cochran, Sherri, Erik, and Eddie head back to shore, they never stop giving Brenda appreciation for what she has done.  This gives Cochran a concrete analysis about Brenda: that the more likable Brenda gets, the more dangerous she becomes.  Cochran now targets Brenda for the next vote.



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Each castaway will stand on a log over the water, holding on to a holder that is connected to a mechanical wench.  At regular intervals, Jeff will turn the wench to make them lower and nearer to the water.  The last person to hold on the longest without falling wins immunity.  Right off the bat, I think Brenda has the advantage because she has proven durable during an endurance challenge (that’s a lot of d’s).  Cochran falls off the first, Eddie follows after a couple of minutes.  Erik is eliminated immediately after, followed by Sherri.  So it’s between Brenda and Dawn!  Brenda slips and falls.  Dawn wins her very first immunity in her Survivor career!  Brenda admits that she would have stayed a lot longer, if she was up against Eddie.  Brenda is happy for Dawn and in a way gives the immunity to her to make her feel a lot less paranoid and to uplift her morale.


Back at camp, Brenda thinks that it will be a straightforward vote tonight with Eddie.  She also plans to vote out Cochran next, if others would join her.  Meanwhile, Cochran is seriously thinking about blindsiding Brenda and thinks that tonight is the perfect time for that.  Later, Cochran talks with Dawn about his plan.  Dawn is not a hundred percent sure about the plan.



Brenda admits that she felt good about losing immunity to Dawn because she thinks that Dawn would really win it.  Eddie is ready to go home and he has fully accepts it.  I really like Eddie because he is just there, enjoying every minute of being on Survivor!  Dawn feels that Brenda benefits a lot after giving up her reward for everyone.  Before the vote, Cochran points out that voting out Eddie would be the easiest vote, but stresses that an easy vote may not always be the smartest.  Then the tribe votes.  One vote for Erik, two votes for Eddie, and three votes for Brenda.  Eddie’s face is shocked.

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Brenda Lowe is the fifteenth person to leave Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites and the sixth member of the jury.


This is so wrong in so many levels.  I have to be honest, I was so ready to make a write-up about Eddie’s boot because this episode was too obvious for Eddie’s departure.  Minutes after watching what they did to Brenda, my jaw was still on the floor, shocked.  I have been a hardcore fan of Survivor and after 26 seasons, this is the first time that I got a little emotional about the boot.  I don’t want to consider it as a blindside, but more of a betrayal of trust.  Though Cochran’s idea of voting off Brenda was a very intelligent and strategic move for him, I really did not expect that they would do it, especially for Dawn.  I really don’t think that’s the perfect time for that.  Brenda would have accepted her boot as part of the game had she stayed a bit longer, either after Eddie or just before the final tribal council.  And for Dawn to play as evil as that was beyond imaginable.  That’s hardcore, cutthroat, and downright nasty!  I mean, Brenda was there when Dawn lost her false teeth for God’s sake!


The last tribal council just brought the “it’s just a game” phrase to a whole new level.  As I wait for the Season Finale early next week, I will now crawl up to my bedroom and sleep in a fetal position.


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