Freedom Fries! [Survey Thursday for May 2013]

What restaurant do you think has the Best French Fries?
– French Fries has become my staple food every time I eat at a fast food chain, so basically I have tasted different kinds of french fries from different kinds of establishments. I would say that the restaurant that has the best french fries has got to be Army Navy’s Freedom Fries. They are small yet the taste just explodes in your mouth like atomic bombs.

When’s the last time you played the board game Clue?
– I actually have that particular board game. Unfortunately you have to have a group of players to play with and it’s impossible to play it alone. I have played Clue with my best friend and that was years ago.

Who did you last get in an argument with?:
– As far as I could remember, the last time that I got into an argument was with my best friend, regarding some plans for the future and where should we head next. I know it’s a pretty serious stuff, but we always get along after every fight.

Do you think you could live without your cell phone?:
– Cellphones are part of everyone’s lifestyle and I do not think that I can live without it. Interestingly, I once forgot to bring my phone and I felt like I was missing a set of hands. I still think I can live without a phone, but living without my iPod is a whole different story.

Where is your dad right now?:
– My Dad is not yet home. The last time I checked, he said he has a conference.

How many people do you know of named Adam?
– Let me see. There’s the very first Adam, who is the partner of Eve, then there’s Adam Lambert, Adam Levine, Adam Sandler, Rachel McADAMs. LOL

How about Jessica’s?
– Jessica Sanchez definitely comes to mind when I hear the word (or name) Jessica. Of course there are other Jessica’s like Jessica Chastain, Jessica Lange, and Jessica Alba, just to name a few.

Do you do your homework?
– When I was still in school, yeah.

Are you friends with any cheerleaders?:
– Yeah, but not the stereotypical cheerleaders that we fond of watching in movies and TV.

What was the last thing you burnt?
– I actually burnt my eggs this morning…while I was cooking breakfast. No puns, for real.

What was the last picture you took?
– The last picture that I took was during the gathering with the Monzon’s at our house in Paranaque. I think that was a family picture that I did with the use of a timer. The funny thing was, I placed the camera, which was placed on a tripod, at the opposite end of the garden and the thing between the camera and us was a pool, so I carefully ran around it just in time for the camera to click.

If you could move anywhere, and take three people with you, where and who?
– Regardless of a specific place, I really wanted to go abroad and make a living on my own and probably bring my best friend, my future wife, and my dog with me.

Is your computer slow right now?:
– My laptop is currently fast, but because this is kind of old already, it’s starting to slow down, plus the fact that it’s running out of memory spaces.

What’s the best thing about your mom?:
– Everything.

Have you seen your best friend naked?:
– Is this a trick question? Haha! Anyway, I think I might have seen him nekkid, but I could not remember when.

Have you ever been in the hospital?:
– Well I am a nurse, so technically I am obliged to work in a hospital, but if you are asking about me getting admitted in a hospital, I would still say yes. Back in high school, I had this viral infection/disease called the Kawasaki disease. To toughen things up, the medicine that I had to take gave me allergic reaction. To cut the story short, I almost died with Kawasaki, but miraculously survived.

Would you date someone that none of your friends like?:
– I think I have done that.

Does your phone have to be charged every day?
– I think all phones nowadays are needed to be charged everyday.

When is the last time you held hands with someone?
– Last Sunday with my brother and dad during mass, while praying Our Father. Gotcha.

If you woke up as the opposite gender, what’s the 1st thing you would do?
– Inspect…then palpitate.

Who did you last hug?
– I love hugs and I think the last person that I hugged was my mother.

Have you ever crawled through a window?
– Crawling through a window sounds interesting, but no.

Where is your mom?
– She is downstairs, preparing sumptuous food for dinner and I think she already called me to feast!

Morning or night person?
– As much as I wanted to stay late at night, my body just keeps on collapsing down. I don’t necessarily say that I am a morning person, but physiologically, my body works well at morning than night. Don’t get me wrong, I love evenings as well.

What was the last movie you watched?
– Star Trek and I want to watch it again, probably on IMAX 3D. Oh and by the way read my Movie Review on Star Trek!

Any cool scars?
– None as of late.

Things about the opposite sex you notice first?
– There are countless things, but the first one has got to be the eyes.

What career would you wish to be in?
– Something that I want to sink my teeth into is entertainment, probably in the music industry because I really love to sing.

Do you want a well-paying job or a job you enjoy?
– Having a well-paying job may be rewarding, but I want a job that interests me.

When were you last on your phone?
– What?

What were the shoes you wore today?
– I did not go out today, but I wore my good ‘ol rubber shoes while working out.

Do you like math?
– I am not a Math geek, but sometimes solving a math problem (and a simple one at that) somehow interests me.

Are you currently in a relationship?
– I am happily single.

Do you like hugs?
– Yes.

Where do you want to go to college?
– a college in Australia will do. Thank you.


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