Apple to Debut Larger iPhone and iPad Screens?

(c) AP

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc. is reportedly testing new iPhones and iPad, but with a larger set of screens.

In addition, Apple Asian market suppliers were reportedly providing prototypes of iPhones with an increased width of 4″ and iPads with 13″ diagonal length increase.  This bit of news indicates that Apple is willing to give a wide array of sizes to cater different kinds of consumers, aside from the fact that they are attempting to answer increasing concerns with their main competitor, Samsung.

Samsung retains its diversity with its wide offerings, evidenced by a 33.1% majority share of the smartphone industry underlined with the release of its Galaxy S4 Mini.

Well I guess the Evolution of iPhone Vs. iPad was true after all.  What do you guys think about the change of Apple’s screen sizes?  Does size really matter?


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