Coolest Arrivals at Movie and TV Premieres!

I can really ignore the other 7 and just post the one from Breaking Bad, but yeah, a post is still a post.  Maybe place it at the last-but-definitely-not-the least or the save-the-best-for-last part of the list.  Anyway let’s get to it.  Yahoo! posted this article about the grandest and the coolest arrivals in a red carpet event.  Here are a few memorable appearances.  Check them all out!


Bradley Cooper at The A-Team premiere

At the “A-Team” Premiere, stars Bradley Cooper and Sharito Copley came, or should I say, ROLLED down the red carpet to Grauman’s Chinese Theater, with a real tank!


Sacha Baron Cohen at The Dictator premiere

Sasha Baron Cohen stays ruthlessly in character as he shows up at “The Dictator” Premiere.  With a golden gun at one hand, Cohen rolled up to London’s Royal Festival Hall in a peach Lamborghini dragged by a tow truck, assisted by his female bodyguards.


Robert Downey Jr. at Iron Man 3 premiere

As though he’d be that much closer to a billionaire himself, Robert Downey Jr. drove to the premiere of “Iron Man 3” with his wife in a 2014 Audi R8 V10 Spyder with “STARK16” as the licensed plate.


Tom Cruise at War of the Worlds premiere

In 2005, when they were still together, Katie Holmes rode the back of a hot motorcycle with her husband-to-be and “War of the Worlds” star Tom Cruise.  And they have matching leather outfits!


Hugh Jackman at The Wolverine premiere

Jean Valjean no more!  At “The Wolverine” Premiere in London, Hugh Jackman drove the same 2014 Audi R8 V10 car that Downy used in his “Iron Man 3” Premiere, but this time in white.  It was the same $163,450 car used by actress Rila Fukushima in the movie.


Mr Popper's Penguins premiere

African Penguins descended a red-carpeted plank for the 2011 Los Angeles Premiere of the Jim Carey-starrer “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”


Sons of Anarchy premiere

It is certainly not a surprise and definitely a no-brainer for actors playing a motorcycle gang to arrive on motorcycles.  At the Season 5 Premiere of FX’s “Sons Of Anarchy,” Danny Trejo entered the red carpet on a Harley-Davison.



And last but definitely not the least…

Breaking Bad finale

breaking bad premiere party

Usually the red carpet is rolled out for an opening, and movie premieres get all the attention. But saying good-bye to the TV anti-heroes of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” deserved something a little outlandish.  Co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul drove an RV with yellow smoke belching at the back, for their Series Finale celebration on July 24, 2013.  Damn, I’m gonna miss this show.


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