Movie Review: WORLD WAR Z

World War Z is a movie based on a book with the same name that tells different accounts of people with a common foe—zombies.  Yes another one from the Zombie genre.  Though the book, which was a creation of Max Brooks, consisted of different stories, the film revolves around one central character—Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a retired United Nations Investigator who is being tossed back into action to eradicate the pandemic that threatens to decimate humanity itself.


The pace of the zombies in this film is quite similar from 28 Days Later, but with a much grander scale, thanks to the over-the-top work of director Marc Forster.  Without any specific explanation as to why, the zombies swarm like ants on Red Bull, turning nearly every human in their path.  The virus spreads so fast, that once infected; a human will turn into a zombie in 10 seconds.


There are a lot of wonderful scenes around the world as Gerry hopscotches from one location to another—from the wet, dark and mysterious Korea, to a safe haven-turned-disastrous hideout Jerusalem—trying his best to search for the ultimate cure.  And he seems like he has invited bad luck as his plus-two because wherever he goes, something really atrocious happens.  Even when he is safely airborne on board a plane, terror lurks unexpectedly.

(c) Paramount 

The visuals are impressive, especially the scene in Jerusalem, in which the zombies used each other as ladder to climb over a wall.  Although the swarming of zombies is heavily induced with CGI, what’s more frightening for me as an audience is the inescapable tension, unpredictability and the film’s concept of fighting for survival.

(c) Paramount

Brad Pitt is spectacular as the main character that he is able to carry the whole movie through and through.   I love Mireille Enos and I think she does an outstanding portrayal as a wife to Pitt and mother to their children, though I am not used to seeing her as a helpless individual, apart from her strong-willed character Agent Sarah Linden in The KillingDaniella Kertesz is also a complete stand-out as the dependable Israeli soldier who turns from merely a bodyguard to Gerry to someone who plays a crucial part in Gerry’s quest to find a solution to the horrific problem.


World War Z is entertaining with brilliantly crafted action sequences.  To remember about this film after, let’s say, a few months to one year, is the question.


4.0 out of 5 stars


One thought on “Movie Review: WORLD WAR Z”

  1. It’s a good movie if you want a couple of scares here and there, but it stops working after awhile and its flaws begin to show their ugly heads. Good review.

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