Movie Review: DESPICABLE ME 2

In 2010, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment released this little movie called Despicable Me and this film enthralled millions of fans from all ages, from all walks of life, grossing more than $540 million in the box office and becoming the 10th-biggest motion picture in U.S. history.  A success both in the box office and with the critics like this is the perfect formula for a follow-up, resulting to Despicable Me 2, three years later.


(c) Universal Pictures

Despicable Me 2 tells the continuing story of Gru (Steve Carell) who gives up being evil to be a devoted step-dad to his orphan girls.  Apart from his scheming evil-turned-charming protagonist in the first movie, which included a plan of stealing the moon, Gru is now focused on making birthday parties and recreating his lab to a rather less-evil factory of jellies and jams.  Later on Gru is recruited to be a part of an Anti-Evil society to search an evil serum of some sorts.  He gets to team up with Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) and together they must track down the source and the person responsible.


This film has a target audience, obviously.  I, on the other hand was lost in the middle this so-called target.  The whole movie did not matter to me, as long as I can see those little rascals in the audience, enjoying every minute of it while sitting patiently, or with intermittent hopping from one point to another, with indulgent bursts of laughter whenever a dozen of silly yellow minions babble unrecognizable chants and grunts in every scene-stealing appearance.


(c) Universal Pictures

Unfortunately, it’s all about the minions.  The Minions made the main characters look pale in comparison, almost lifeless.  All the wit and humor brought by Gru, Lucy and the main antagonist Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt) were ineffective, elementary, and humorless, to say the least.  Except for Agnes, who never failed to light up the screen, the other remaining characters, including the other two orphan daughters were all worthless.  Story wise, Despicable Me 2 is mediocre, uninspiring, forced, with nothing new to offer.



I would have appreciated the movie more had it revolved around the real stars of the show – Agnes and the Minions—Despicable Me 2 is nothing short of being, well, despicable.


2.5 out of 5 stars


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