Album Review: Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

imagine dragons night vision reviewImagine Dragons is yet another case of an Indie circuit-turned-mainstream band.  Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, this rock group is a seasoned band that has been actively performing since 2008.  They got their first big break when Train’s front-man Patrick Monahan fell sick days before The Bite of Las Vegas Music 2010 and Imagine Dragons were called to fill in, performing in a crowd of more than 26,000 people.  Their career catapulted though when they released their debut album Night Visions in September 2012 and since then they were deemed “The Breakthrough Band of 2013” by Billboard Magazine.  Let’s check the tracks, shall we?

  1.  RadioactiveNight Visions starts off with Radioactive, a song that sets the tone for the whole album.  The song is heavily induced of drums with an electronic feel to it, plus the piano undertones in the background add a different dimension to the song.  At first I did not like this song, but after several times listening to it, the track seems to grow on me and it’s now stuck in my head.  And Lead Singer Dan Reynolds’ vocals are outstanding!
  2. Tiptoe – It has a pretty nice hook and the tune is easy listening.  You can easily get caught with the chorus that you can sing-along while jumping up and down.  It’s a pretty cool track that leans more towards mainstream pop than indie-rock.
  3. It’s Time – I first heard of this song from this show called “Glee,” sung by Darren Criss (aka Blaine Anderson) and that’s the time when I immediately searched for the original version and was introduced to this band, and the rest, as they say, was history.  What can you not love about this track that consists of a delightful sound of a mandolin strumming along with catchy hand-clapping?
  4. Demons – This is actually my favorite song of the whole album.  An utter gem of a song and a smash hit from the guys.  It started off with Reynolds’ amazing voice that engages the listeners right off the bat and tells them to listen carefully to the lyrics of this song.  The song is about inner struggles on how to live life while battling one’s demons.
  5. On Top Of The World – This pretty much sounds like a theme song from a Disney-Pixar movie and/or a Coca-Cola commercial!  Well, actually used for The Croods, but no it’s not a Disney-Pixar movie but it’s A MOVIE, so yeah.  This is one of the more upbeat, playful tracks of the album and the catchiest at that.
  6. Amsterdam – After several upbeat, anthemic tracks, the band goes back to the Indie-rock genre.  I kinda like this song, but it seems like I have heard of this style before—like The Killers or 30 Seconds to Mars maybe?
  7. Hear Me – I thought it’s the same song from the previous one!  They are becoming and sounding more like a cover band for The Killers on this one.  I actually do love the song, but yeah, it sounds a bit too The Killers for me.
  8. Every Night – And then they are back!  Every Night sounds like a fusion of a pop-rock, love song with a country flavor.  I really did hear a bit of a country vibe from this track!  Dan Reynolds’ amazing vocals is at the forefront of this fantastic track.
  9. Bleeding Out – This song has a similar vibe to that of Radioactive, but in contrast, instead of listening to it several times to appreciate it, I got hooked to Bleeding Out on my first listen.
  10. Underdog – This track starts off with an irritating electric synthesizers or whatever you call it.  Good thing the chorus is lovely and catchy to say the least.  They are giving me a Train vibe here and there, but then again I love the positive atmosphere and energy this song exudes.
  11. Nothing Left To Say / Rocks – At the beginning I thought this is an 80’s rock anthem, and then Reynolds’ amazing vocals seeps through my headphones and it’s absolutely amazing.  I guess this track is at the top in terms of its production value.  In addition, mashing up with Rocks came as a pleasant surprise for me.  Such a grand way to end a promising album.

Final Thoughts: Overall Imagine Dragons have penned and created a powerful debut album.  Front-man Dan Reynolds’ carries the album effortlessly.  A well made album that consists of diverse, unpredictable yet enjoyable tracks, Night Visions signals that Imagine Dragons have arrived in the mainstream music industry.

Songs to be put on your Playlist: DEMONS, Radioactive, It’s Time, Underdog, Tiptoe, On Top Of The World.

Grab this album if you like: Train, The Killers, OneRepublic, Fun.

4.0 out of 5


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