#UFC165: Jones vs Gustafsson – Results and Post-fight Analysis [Link]

(c) Esther Lin MMA Fighting

Jon Jones defended his UFC light heavyweight championship in a tremendous bout with Alexander Gustafsson. One can only hope that this serves to build on his legend and that people don’t try to use it as an excuse to tear him down.

Jon Jones had to earn it tonight at UFC 165. He had to dig down deep and find a little something extra in the championship rounds. He had to deal with blood streaming into his eye and a badly swollen lip from the punches of Alexander Gustafsson.

Jon Jones had to rise to a level that we’d never seen before to set the all-time light heavyweight title defense record. His being pushed to the limit and surviving with a decision win should do nothing to diminish his place in the sport. It should only serve to grow his legend.

Alexander Gustafsson proved to be more than the “tall guy” that the marketing (more on that later) seemed to leave him as. His boxing was sharp and allowed him to pick away at Jones with right hands, left hooks, jabs and counters. He also was able to repeatedly defend the takedowns of Jones throughout the fight, only hitting the floor once and not staying there for any meaningful amount of time.


Read the FULL REPORT on Bloody Elbow.


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