Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 2 Recap: Rule In Chaos

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After a chunk-load of twists from the premiere episode, Survivor: Blood vs. Water thickens its plot with several layers of emotions building up between castaways and their loved ones.


On night 3, Marissa arrives at Redemption Island and tells Candice and Rupert, the first two residents of R.I., about the reason of her boot. She reveals that she was blindsided because of the taunt that his uncle Gervase made during the last immunity challenge.


On Day 4 at the Galang tribe, Colton is greeted by a overly bonded tribe mates as Tina, Aras, Laura B., Laura M., and Kat give each other back rubs. This annoys Colton and admits, “I thought this whole Zen, calm, yoga mentality would be appealing to me. Well it was for like three days, but now I’m over it.” C’mon Colton, chill the eff out! Monica feels that Colton is frustrated with this positive morale of the tribe and encourages him to have more patience. Well, Colton does not seem to learn on how to better himself as he ignores the advise that he got and tells Gervase that he wants to play strategy first. Aras thinks that Colton seems to not have changed since his Survivor: One World stint.


Over at Tadhana tribe, the loved-ones tribe, Rachel starts to miss his boyfriend Tyson. She also feels like some alliances are starting to form without her in it, so she starts to play cool with the guys. John gets the treemail that states something about the next Redemption Island challenge. He thinks that seeing Candice without remorse would lift his unending sorrow of her being in Redemption.



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Galang Tribe arrives at the arena first and as they sit, they wait anxiously to see whose loved one was eliminated. Tina, Monica, Kat and Laura M. start to cry because they are so happy to see that their loved ones are still safe while Gervase plays it cool, even though he knows by now that his niece was the one voted out. As soon as the three contenders, Candice, Rupert and Marissa, arrive at the arena, Marissa makes a harsh face towards the Tadhana tribe. She then explains the reason why she was voted out and tells everyone that the celebratory taunt by her uncle Gervase was like rubbing salt in her tribe’s wounds. Gervase responds, “I’m going to rub some more. I promise you that.” TOUCHE Gervase! LOL. Anyway, Jeff Probst announces a new twist about the option to swap spots with their loved ones in the Redemption duel. Gervase tells Marissa to “handle your biz.” Such a cool uncle isn’t he? Haha! Gervase cracks me up!

The duel: one must use a long stick with a U-shaped hook at the end to maneuver a wooden spool through a metal maze. One must then place the spool on a small platform on top. They must repeat and stack ten spools on the said platform. If the stack falls, they must start again. The first two to stack the ten spools without falling win. The first one to finish will also get to decide which of the people still in the game gets a clue to the hidden immunity idol. With a fine grip and steady hands, Candice is able to stack all ten spools and finishes first. She is really that good in challenges I tell you. Rupert almost had it, but the stack of spools stumbles and he has to start again, so it is Marissa who finishes second.


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Rupert is the first person to leave Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

Did I write that one right? Rupert is OUT of the game and the first one at that? Ouch, that really hurts. Well he is very vocal about loving the game of Survivor, but loving his wife, Laura B., more. Having said that i want to say that I am also vocal that Rupert is not Rupert if he does not play with his heart. I guess this will be his last straw. I said this and I will say it again: He can’t and will never win Survivor, a game that is ruthless and cutthroat.

By the way, Candice gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to her husband (duh).


At the Galang tribe, Laura M. is sad to see her husband leave the game for good but breathes a big sigh of relief that she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. Seeing everyone being supportive of Laura’s loss makes Colton so upset. He then starts telling different rumors/strategic moves to almost everyone on the tribe to make everyone suspicious about everyone! I say what, Colton? Tina mentions to Kat that Colton is trying to discuss who to vote out soon. Kat reveals, “I do not want to play against Colton. I can’t have him against me, because he will turn on me.” During at night, Colton confronts Kat and starts drama with Tina and with everyone in the tribe. Tina does not like dramas. Trying to play the Russell Hantz card? Well, that is the same description Aras gives as he makes a game-changing alliance with Tina, Monica, Gervase, and Tyson. OH MY GOD. I am having real goosebumps after seeing this power-alliance, even having goosies as of writing. I mean, THIS IS THE TEAM TO BEAT RIGHT HERE.



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Three members from each tribe will try to push a barrel with a fourth tribe member in it to pass through a series of flag poles to retrieve a bag of balls. Once they have collected all four bags, the remaining tribe members must use the balls to roll and land them in a series of targets. I don’t want to be inside the barrel for two reasons: One I don’t want to get dizzy; and Two, I am too heavy to be rolled. Anyway, Aras, Monica, and Tyson are the ones who will roll the barrel, with Laura B. in it, for the Galang tribe while Vytas, Brad and John are pushing the barrel, with Katie in it, for Tadhana. Galang takes an early lead as Laura M. flies through the knots (she unties the bags of balls fast!), but Tadhana keeps a steady pace as they are able to catch up. Kat’s boyfriend Hayden pits up against Gervase for the final part of the challenge. Hayden makes a great head start, but Gervase scores goals in a flash! Both guys are so neck and neck but it is Gervase who shoots the last target and wins immunity for the tribe! I never thought Gervase is actually good in these kinds of shooting/aiming challenges!


Back at Tadhada camp, Brad vents that he is really annoyed by Gervase and his taunts and will try to teach him a lesson, as he thinks about a possible physical challenge in the horizon. Katie is worried that the guys may vote the girls out first. Interestingly, it’s odd to see that Katie, Ciera and Rachel are clueless that the guys are having an alliance without them doing a some form of a counter-alliance. Later, the guys discuss about the possible vote and all except John decided to vote out Rachel, thinking that Tyson might switch with Rachel in Redemption, hence making Galang tribe weaker. This is actually a brilliant idea coming from Vytas. John on the other hand, thinks that voting Rachel out and hoping for a Tyson switch may lead to Candice pitting up against a stronger player in the next Redemption duel. Vytas worries about John’s commitment with the alliance and is keeping an eye on him. John spends the next few hours searching for the hidden immunity idol before going to Tribal Council. Vytas doesn’t think that John will share the clue and the idol with his five-guy alliance. Vytas vents, “I totally think that he could possibly have the idol and if somebody starts to show signs that they’re going to do their own thing and go against the group, then get them out now.”



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Ciera admits that the girls are outnumbered by the guys at this point, while John admits that having a clue to the hidden immunity idol puts a big target on his back. Hayden reveals the plan to weaken the other tribe by voting out a person who would most likely be switched in replace of a stronger player at Redemption. Jeff says, “There are probably more layers to votes this season than we have ever had before.” I have to agree. Then the tribe votes.


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Rachel Foulger, Tyson’s girlfriend, becomes the fourth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER and sent to Redemption Island.


Seriously there are so many layers of drama this season so let’s just enjoy this rollercoaster ride. I am sensing GREAT things coming out of the dream team-five way alliance of Aras, Tyson, Gervase, Monica and Tina! I mean there are two past winners, an Original castaway, a Villain, and there’s Monica, who as far as I can remember a great player in Survivor: One World who was blindsided because she was a huge threat at that time. Will they be able to stick together to the end? Will they be this season’s final 5 castaways? I will definitely keeping an eye on them.


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