Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 3 Recap: Opening Pandora’s Box

On Day 7 at Galang Tribe, Colton is not feeling good about his tribe as everyone is having a great, positive vibe except him.  Colton wants to talk strategy. Hey Colton, it’s not always about the serious stuff!  Aras is so frustrated with Colton’s negativistic attitude who tries to create chaos at camp and thinks that his is the poison of the tribe.



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Both tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena, eagerly awaiting for the castaways competing for a shot at returning to the game.  Tyson is so disappointed (who wouldn’t?) to see his girlfriend Rachel being the last person to be voted out by the Tadhana tribe.  Right off the bat he thinks that his girlfriend was eliminated because they think that he would switch with Rachel that would potentially weaken Galang.  WOW, Tyson gets the logic!  He is definitely a smart kid!  Rachel confirms it and wishes Tyson to stay in the game.  Tyson obliges and threatens the Tadhana tribe, specifically to Brad, whom he thinks as the mastermind of it all.  Brad fires back and yells at Tyson that the real reason was that they are forced to vote out a loved one because Galang is winning everything.  Marissa loses her patients and shouts at Brad that they already voted two of the stronger girls in their tribe.  In between these heated arguments, Colton starts to cry and opts out of the game. WTF!  Jeff Probst is shocked about this self-centered decision.  Tina thinks that Colton wants to play the game his way and when it does not happen he gets irritated.  On his way out, Colton gives Caleb a lap dance.  Oops sorry, just a hug.


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Such a waste of airtime and slot for others who would want to play Survivor again.  What Colton did was childish and bratty.  I thought he would be a different person coming to this game the second time, but I guess I was wrong.  And I never thought that he would fake a sickness in Survivor: One World in order to leave the game to everyone’s worry!  I would just wanna place him in my Most Hated Person to Play Survivor List, with Johnny Fairplay.  I think what Jeff Probst said about him being selfish was spot on.


Moving on, Marissa, Candice, and Rachel each must stack a series of blocks to an uneven platform and make a domino-effect-like motion in order to push a ball to smash a plate.  The first to finish stays and gets to decide who gets another clue to the hidden immunity idol.  Again, with steady hands and a lot of concentration and drive make Candice the first to smash the tile!  I knew it, she is really, really great at challenges, she might be an oiled machine had she stayed alive at Galang tribe. She gives the clue to John.  After several attempts and tumbles in between, it is Marissa who finishes second, leaving Rachel behind.

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Rachel is the THIRD person to leave Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

Aww. Poor Rachel. She might have been a very essential tribe member, if the other underlying twists (of having a loved one this season and the potential switch at Redemption) were non-existent.  I actually felt bad for her for she played like a sacrificial lamb for Tadhana.


Back at the Galang camp, the girls want to check on Tyson about Rachel leaving the game.  Tyson reassures them that he is okay, though he tears up during his confessional and swears that he will do his best to get into the end.  Later, Kat wonders why Colton would leave the game so early.   I have an answer Kat, it’s because he is a brat!  Laura B. thinks that Colton is pissed that he could not control the tribe the way he wanted to.  Meanwhile, Monica is bothered with the heated argument between her tribe and her husband Brad.  Tyson does get a little uncomfortable with Monica around.


At Tadhana tribe, Brad thinks that he is being targeted during challenges and thinks that he is running the show on this tribe.  Well, I think he is, actually.  John reads the second clue to the hidden immunity.  Initially he wanted to keep the clues all to himself, but now he is so paranoid that he might have a target on his back so he tells Brad about the clue.  Brad offers to help him search, but John does not want that to happen, ultimately makes Brad question John’s trust towards him.


Day 8, the tree mail describes that the next immunity challenge will be having a very physical pillow fight!  Aras is excited about this that he might have a chance to have a duel against his younger brother Vytas, whom he thinks as a bully when they were kids.  Aras admits, “This is a chance for us to compete on an even playing field.”  On the other hand, while Brad is prepping Vytas for the next challenge, Vytas thinks that Aras is more athletic that him, but hopes that he can beat his younger brother this time.



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The treemail was right after all.  Using padded bags, each castaway from one tribe must square off against the opposing tribe one-on-one wherein one must be able to topple the other off the platform and into the water.  The first tribe to earn five points wins immunity.  First off: Brad versus Gervase!  Now the badmouthing and taunting will transform into a physical release!  Brad wins the first round for Tadhana!  Second bout: Laura B. versus Katie.  It’s so funny to watch Tina smiling so hard while watching her daughter Katie dueling it out!  Laura pushes Katie that ties both tribes.  Third round: Aras versus John.  It is a good battle, but it is John who wins this round for the loved-ones.  Next round: Kat versus Ciera.  This one is quick because Ciera looks like a feather and all Kat has to do is to blow her off the platform!  Tribes are tied again, 2-2.  NExt up: Tyson versus Hayden.  Hayden is able to hold his ground as he pushes Tyson hard off the platform.  As soon as Tyson reaches the water he shouts that he is done.  What we don’t know is that, Tyson just got hurt so badly, he dislocated his shoulder!  Jeff asks for a medical team to assess Tyson.  He is not allowed to play the immunity challenge anymore. And the game continues.  Next round: Tina versus her daughter Katie.  Tina scores a point for Galang that ties them with Tadhana, 3-3.  Next: Aras versus Vytas.  HERE WE GO! Aras immediately pushes his brother on the floor, but lets Vytas get back up to reset.  As Aras positions himself, Vytas makes an unsportsmanlike move and pushes Aras off the edge.  Luckily Aras holds his ground and pushes his brother off the platform.  Aras starts to cry and vents, “I don’t want to fight against him. We’ve done that enough, but I’m proud I beat him.” Aww.  Next round: Laura M. versus her daughter Ciera.  We all know by now that Ciera is as light as a feather so this round will be very quick.  But Laura M. is bothered by the whole scenario of hitting and hurting her own daughter physically. Ciera assures her mom that it is okay. Laura wins the round and Galang wins immunity for a third consecutive time!


Over at Tadhana tribe, the boys are discussing about the girls’ poor performance at the last immunity challenge.  John thinks that Katie is more worthy to keep than Ciera because by keeping the camp organized.  The boys decide to vote out Ciera next.  Then John leaves the group to search for his immunity idol. Brad takes advantage of John being absent as he asks Vytas, Caleb, and Hayden to make a big move and vote out John tonight.  Brad thinks that Candice is a tough competitor in challenges that she can actually go back in the game and when that happens, he worries that John might reconnect with Candice, hence making John uncontrollable.  Hayden is shocked about this plan of breaking up with someone in the core alliance this early.  Later, Brad tells Ciera and Katie that they are all going to vote out John next.  Brad also tells the girls that if they won’t cooperate, one of them will be the one to go. Making threats, Brad, for real?  Brad tells Ciera that he also wants to let John think that he will vote her out.  I’m not liking what Brad is planning, trying to wash his hands clean to benefit him?  Vytas thinks the same way as me, thinking that Brad is a big threat. Later, Ciera admits to Katie, Vytas and Hayden that John might use the hidden immunity.  Hayden admits that Brad is the one calling the shots.  Ciera then makes a counter-plan of getting John instead. BRILLIANT MOVE!  Hayden thinks that no matter what happens on the next Tribal Council, one thing is for sure, someone will be blindsided with this big move.



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Katie admits that losing to her mother was not a great thing.  Ciera vents out that losing to a loved one was embarrassing but letting the team down felt worse.  Vytas does not think that their tribe is circling around a men-versus- women theme, but a game about trust.  Though John does not share his clues to them, Vytas and Hayden just had to trust John.  John thinks that having clues to the hidden immunity idol puts him in a bad spot.


(c) CBS

John Cody, Candice’s husband, becomes the fifth person to be voted out of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER, sent to Redemption Island.


MORAL OF THE STORY: Never leave your alliance while talking about strategy.  I don’t like Brad and I’m quite surprised they did not pursue the better plan of blindsiding him. So much has happened this season already and we are only on the third episode! Season 27 will definitely be a crazy ride.


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