Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 4 Recap: One Armed Dude And Three Moms

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Enjoying the season so far? Blood vs. Water has been one of the most complicated seasons of Survivor, simply because of the different degrees of emotions flying over the game!

Just after voting out John in the last tribal council, Tadhana goes back to camp with Brad thanking everyone for the success they had blindsiding one of the strongest players in their tribe. Then Brad explains the reason behind voting of John. He says that John has no connections to the other tribe (because Candice, his wife, has been voted out and sent to Redemption Island), so couples have a more unified power when merge comes. This sounds really bad for Caleb, because he is the only one in Tadhana without a loved one, since his fiance, Colton, quit the game.


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Both tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena and as soon as Candice, John, and Marissa enter the arena, Candice gives Brad a fuck you finger as she passes! Candice admits to Jeff Probst that she was upset when her husband was blindsided and she blames Brad for that. Monica, Brad’s wife, stresses that voting someone takes more than one person. John backs his wife and vents that every person sent to Redemption Island had been Brad’s idea. Though Monica’s right, I think Brad is really the one running his tribe. Anyway, Marissa, John, and Candice must race across a bridge, while maneuvering a buoy with a key along an interloped rope. Once they reach the end of the ladder, they must use the key to unlock a bag of puzzle pieces then solve it. The first to finish wins a clue to the hidden immunity idol. The last person will be out for good. John remains in the lead and is able to finish the challenge first, with surprisingly a little coaching coming from no less than Brad himself! John is safe. Candice and Marissa are neck and neck during the puzzle solving part of the duel. Even with Gervase’s help, Marissa seems to give up as Candice finishes the puzzle first.

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Marissa Peterson, Gervase’s niece, is the FOURTH person to leave Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Sad to see her go, but it is what it is. She might have been a good character moving forward, like her uncle. Anyway, Candice blurts out a “why don’t you give it to Monica” taunt to John, John obliges and gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Brad’s wife. Brad then asks Monica to throw the clue into the fire. What is this? A domestic situation between two opposing families? Haha!

Back at Galang camp, Monica feels sad that her husband has been a subject of retaliation that remains to be a target whenever someone is being voted out at Tadhana tribe. She vents, “Is there ever going to be a duel that my husband is not verbally accosted by a bunch of people that don’t even know him?” Gervase comforts Monica by explaining the most logical reason on how to take this situation. Gervase tells Monica that Brad in real life is different from Brad in Survivor that he can be perceived to be a bad guy because he is seriously playing the game.

Over at Tadhana camp, Brad feels that he is in hot water and thinks that every time a new castaway is being voted off, it all goes back to him as the assumed perpetrator. Brad then thinks of a way to turn this hate around, by voting out someone without any connections to the opposing tribe — Caleb (since Colton, Caleb’s fiance’, quit the game already). As Brad goes out to fish, Hayden, Vytas, and Caleb give themselves a chance to talk about strategy. They agree that keeping Brad will also keep the heat off of them. I think the three guys are considering Brad as their own Phillip.

On Day 10 at Galang tribe, Gervase and Monica ask Tyson to keep his harmed arm well rested so it’ll be better for the next challenge. While the others are fishing, Tyson and Gervase reveal their own little secret to us. Little do the other tribe members know, Gervase and Tyson have been using a crowbar to drill coconuts and drink its juice. They call themselves the “Coconut Bandits.” When Laura B. and Monica find holes in the coconuts, Gervase bluffs and tells them a funny theory. Tyson agrees with the theory and unfortunately the girls believe them, so the Bandits are here to stay. I guess they will also stick together, strategy-wise.


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Each tribe must paddle a boat to retrieve 5 floating crates, which are tied underwater. After retrieving the crates they must paddle back to shore and use the crates to form a stair puzzle. Once they are finished, two tribe members from each tribe must solve a puzzle to reveal a combination and the appropriate key to be used to raise their flag. The first tribe to raise the flag wins immunity and some pastries, coffee, and sweets. Surprisingly, Tyson, despite his injured arm, will not be sitting out for this challenge. Right off the bat, Galang tribe struggles to paddle their boat properly, giving Tadhana an early lead. But it is Laura B., who manages to fly through the knots to reveal the crates so quickly. I think she is possessed by the spirit of Rupert. Brad seems to be the best guy physically in this particular challenge as he unties almost all the knots for Tadhana. As both tribes paddle back to shore, disaster strikes Tadhana as their boat almost flips over, dropping some of their crates off the water. Galang gets their crates to their platform first and they are now building their staircase. Tadhana catches up and manages to finish the staircase first. Seconds after, Galang is also done with their staircase. Vytas and Ciera are the ones who must solve the puzzle, while over at Galang tribe, Tyson and Ciera’s mother Laura M will try to finish the puzzle. Yes, it’s another showdown of this smart mother-daughter tandem. Once again, Laura M. proves that she is the better puzzle solver than her daughter as she and Tyson are able to finish the puzzle correctly and to raise their flag for Galang’s victory streak.

As Tadhana returns to their camp, Hayden feels so bad that they lost to a tribe that consists of a one armed dude and three moms. As the boys go to their usual “We will go get some water” meeting, something that Ciera knows by now as a meeting for stategy, Brad opts to be left behind. This bothers the guys, especially Caleb. Brad then tells the girls to vote out Caleb, then joins the other guys by the well to discuss their plans of voting out Ciera.


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Ciera admits that she may not be as good of a puzzle solver than she thought, but she feels she is still worth keeping. Brad vents out about how others accused him for orchestrating all the blindsides. He says that it’s hard to make a move and think about the connections from the other tribe. Jeff then asks Brad if connections are important. Brad answers YES, that it would be smart to vote out someone who no longer has connections with the other tribe. This ultimately bothers Caleb because he is the only one on Tadhana without a connection with Galang. And now here is a game-changer: Caleb assures Ciera that he will not be voting her off tonight, instead his vote goes out to Brad! Caleb also encourages Ciera and Katie to vote with him. This bit of news shocked everyone! Everyone, especially Hayden and Vytas, who are both clueless with Caleb sudden change in strategy, seem uncomfortable at this point. Brad asks Vytas if he knows about this and the latter answers no. Then they vote. Both Ciera and Brad gets three votes each, revealing a tie. The tribe votes again where Brad and Ciera will not participate. Hayden seems to be so clueless of what to do, that he messes up with his ballot.

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Brad Culpepper, Monica’s husband, becomes the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.

That was a shocking tribal council, something that might go down as one of the most interesting concils in Survivor. Caleb made a very brilliant move of removing the biggest threat of the game and now he sits right the middle of two potential alliances that he can go with Vytas and Hayden or head the different route and join Katie and Ciera. I can’t believe that Caleb can actually pull this thing off, something that his fiance Colton can never do!

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