Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 5 Recap: The Dead Can Still Talk

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Off of the heals of the last epic tribal council where Brad was blindsided big time, Tadhana heads back to camp with Caleb apologizing with his sudden change of strategy.  Ciera is still in shock that she survived the last tribal council where she and Brad were tied at the first vote.  Vytas admits that he was the one who turned his vote around on the re-vote, saying that if it’s Brad’s time to go then so be it.  Hayden and Vytas compliment Caleb’s bold move, but Hayden worries that Caleb might go with the remaining girls, leaving him and Vytas on the outs.


Weirdly enough, over at Galang tribe, Laura M. gets cozy with Aras as she massages his back.  Laura M. admits that she is doing everything to gain trust and be liked while playing a strategic game of Survivor.  Thinking about his core alliance — Tyson, Monica, Tina, Gervase, and him — Aras feels that Laura M. is trying to penetrate (no pun intended) him and his alliance.  Meanwhile, Laura B. sits alone as the others are trying to sleep together.  This worries Laura B. because she if left out, especially that she is a neophyte outsider in a tribe of veterans.  Aww poor Laura B., I kinda feel bad for her.



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Day 11, both tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena.  Monica begins to tear up as she realizes that Brad was voted out at the last tribal council.  She feels so bad that she wants to switch places with her husband.  Brad disagrees and declines his wife’s offer and reassures her that he will try his best to return in the game.  Jeff Probst then asks Candice a very valid point, something that I strongly agree.  Jeff says that the majority of the negativity towards Brad have come from Candice, who has not had a time to spend with neither Galang nor Tadhana tribes.  Candice quickly answered back saying that everything she said came from the persons who were already voted out, more like hearsay.  Monica tells Candice that whenever she attacks Brad, she is being hurt as well.  Candice fires back saying that Monica has hurt her the minute she was voted out way back at the beginning.  Too much bitterness!  Anyway, Candice, John, and Brad must disassemble a wooden crate and use the pieces/boards to create a bridge.  Once they completed the bridge, they must now take the pieces out of the bridge and use them to solve a puzzle.  The first two to finish get the chance to continue with the game while the last one will be eliminated for good.  Candice starts strong as she takes the lead in assembling the bridge, but eventually her stamina tires out as she starts to slow down, giving both John and Brad time to catch up.  Everyone is neck-and-neck that they are placing the same planks at the same time, but it is John who finishes the bridge first.  He then goes back to remove the placed planks and choose which ones are to be used for the puzzle part of the duel.  Brad finishes the bridge second while Candice ends up last.  John seems to be so good at puzzles that he flies through it and finishes first.  John is safe.  Another weird moment is when the whole Galang tribe starts to cheer for Brad of all people, well basically because they support Monica.  The cheering actually helps Brad as he finishes his puzzle ahead of Candice.


(c) CBS

Candice Cody is the FIFTH person to leave SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER.


I really, really like Candice as a tough competitor, too bad she started this season on the wrong side of things.  She leaves the game leaving me the impression that has been in my brain since her first Survivor appearance in Pearl Islands — I still cannot figure out whether she deserves to be called a Survivor Hero or a Villain.


John then gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Monica and as what she did with the last one, she throws the clue in the fire.


Galang goes back to camp as Monica thanks everyone for cheering Brad for her.  Thinking about her core alliance and the fact that Brad and Monica are two super-solid unit, Tina worries that if ever Brad wins the Redemption and returns to the game, the husband-wife tandem is unbreakable.  Monica then reassures Tina that she is committed to the alliance no matter what.


Over at Tadhana, nature has taken its toll to the tribe members.  Bruises here, bug bites there, and a loose toe nail that is about to slough off.  Disgusting!  Fighting the elements in Survivor is a tough thing to accomplish, and losing challenges just simply demoralize the whole tribe at this point.  Ciera vents that they are certainly living a rough time on the island.  On the other hand, Vytas does not think much about these stuffs because he worries about dealing with Caleb more than anything!  He admits he does not trust Caleb anymore after the last tribal council.  He wants to regain the trust back as he decides to spend some quality time with Caleb on a boat.  How romantic is that? LOL.  At the same time, Caleb realizes that he is indeed in the middle of a possible two alliances, with Katie and Ciera on one side, and Hayden and Vytas on the other.


On Day 13, Vytas does this yoga poses on top of a mountain, overlooking this GORGEOUS Philippine view.  He admits that voting Brad out brought out peace in the tribe and hopes that this renewed boost in morale will bring out good things in the next Immunity Challenge.  He is joined by Katie, Ciera, Hayden, and Caleb and they all sit atop a mountain, looking down the ocean, they all look like they are about to transform into Power Rangers.



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One tribe member from each tribe must slide down a large slide and grad a ring along the way.  After that they must try to toss the ring to land on a post.  First person to land their ring will score a point for their tribe.  First tribe to five points wins immunity and reward, which includes steaks, vegetables, and spices.  Galang tribe decides to sit out the two Laura’s and Monica.  Before they start the challenge, Laura M. vents that she would have liked to play and not sit out.  Monica agrees while Laura B. just listens.


First round: Gervase versus Caleb.  Caleb scores for Tadhana, 1-0.  Second round: Tyson versus Hayden.  Tyson lands his ring on his second attempt, scores for Galang, 1-1.  Third round: Kat versus Katie.  They both miss their first toss, but Katie manages to score her second, giving Tadhana a one-point lead 2-1.  Next round: Aras versus his brother Vytas.  Another battle between two brothers.  Vytas swiftly tosses his ring that lands on the post so quickly, I was not able to witness it.  Galang leads 3-1.  Next round: Tina versus Ciera.  Good ‘ol Tina beats Ciera that brings the score 3-2.  Next round: Tyson versus Caleb.  Caleb scores again for Tadhana and they are in a clear advantage, 4-2.  Next round: Gervase versus Hayden.  In a true Survivor-suspense fashion, both Gervase and Hayden fail to land their first two attempts, but Hayden manages to land his third, giving Tadhana their first-ever victory!  I feel so happy for Tadhana!  I guess Galang has won almost everything that they are due for a loss!


Back at Galang camp, Laura B. is so nervous because this will be her very first Tribal Council ever.  She is also afraid that, because she was ousted at the very beginning by her old tribe, her current tribe might actually do the same.  She then tries to stir things up with everyone.  She admits to Kat, Tina, and Tyson about the things said right before the start of the last Immunity Challenge.  Kat pretends to listen for she knows that Laura B. is just trying to mess up with everyone because she is at the bottom of the pack.  Gervase, Tina, Tyson, Monica, and Aras talk about voting out the easiest vote, Laura B. because they feel that Laura B. is just too annoying.  Aras agrees that Laura B. would be an easy vote, but thinks that not all easy votes are the smartest ones.  He then chats with Tyson and suggests to vote out Laura M. instead because he feels that Laura M. can beat Brad on Redemption Island.  If Brad leaves, Monica will have no other way of leaving the core alliance, making it tighter than ever.  The news of voting out Laura M. pass Monica and right off the bat, she gets the logic behind the vote.  Monica’s smart!  She then asks Aras to vote Laura B. instead.



Gervase admits to Jeff that since its premiere season in Borneo, Survivor has changed a whole lot through the years.  Tina agrees, saying that the new generation of Survivor is more intense than her first outing, Survivor: The Australian Outback.  And to add more layer to the drama, she admits that having a loved one in the game complicates things a bit more.  Monica also agrees, saying that alliances get more complicated when you still have to think about whether or not your loved one is still in the game.  Laura B. stresses that even though she is not a returning player, she feels that she belongs with Galang and she is a great asset when it comes to keeping the food up and the shelter strong for the tribe.  Laura M. answers back by saying that Laura B. is still new to this game and she has yet to know how does it feel like to be voted out of the tribe.  Well, ARAS DOES NOT KNOW EITHER.


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Laura Morett from Survivor: Samoa becomes the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.


Poof!  And one Laura has been ousted.  I am having a hard time pinpointing which Laura I am talking about and now that Laura M. is gone, I can easily talk about Rupert’s other half with just “Laura.”  But wait, Laura M. still has a shot at returning to the game so don’t count her out just yet.  She might leave next week though, but let’s see.

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