‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Perfect Comic Book Character Counterparts!

Attention The Walking Dead aficionados, especially the fans of the graphic novel (like me), here’s one great casting news that might alleviate us from the pain that was Andrea’s death.   AMC has announced the addition of three recurring, game-changing characters to the fourth season of The Walking Dead and they are not just any other characters because they are debuting from the highly popular graphic novels to the Boob Tube!


AMC has tapped Southland‘s Michael Cuditz, Retired at 35 alum Josh McDermitt, and Twilight star Christian Serratos to play the pivotal trio on Rick Grime’s side.  McDermitt will play the role of Eugene, the creepy mechanical ingenue with a secret, while Serratos will play the role of the feisty Latina Rosita.  And of course the muscle, the tough-as-nails army guy with a gentle soul, and the leader of the trio that becomes a rightful right-hand-guy of Rick — Sgt. Abraham, to be played by Cuditz.  Just based on the facial similarities in the photos below, I think they did a great casting job!  See for yourselves below:


Christian Serratos Rosita Espinosa Walking Dead Split - H 2013
Christian Serratos (left) and Comic version Rosita Espinosa
Josh McDermitt Split - H - 2013
Josh McDermitt (left) and Comic version of Eugene
Michael Cuditz plays the role of Sgt. Abraham Ford
Abraham (left) with Eugene.

What do you think about the casting?  I am really digging Cuditz’s look as Abraham!  I am pretty excited that I am going to see them on screen and I hope the writers won’t repeat the catastrophe they did with comic Andrea.  The trio is set to debut in the middle of Season 4.


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