Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 7 Recap: Swoop In For The Kill

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Kat was voted out at the last tribal council because of trust issues.  Again, trust plays another big part for this week’s episode.


Kat arrives at Redemption Island saying that she is proud that she did not cry when she was voted out, but she feels really sad for doing one wrong move and got swooped for the kill.  She then greets Laura M. and John at the camp.  Kat worries that her boyfriend, Hayden, may dump her in disappointment because of her poor performance and early elimination.  What?  I really do not think Hayden is that narrow-minded that he would consider dumping his girl because of a poor performance.  Oh shoot, wait.  What I mean is poor performance in Survivor, the game, the reality show!  ANYWAY, day 17, Kat starts crying, thinking that she did a horrible game and that Hayden may be ashemed of her.  Just when I thought that Kat would not cry about the boot, here she is now balling.



Tribes arrive at the Redemption Arena when Jeff Probst announces that Kat was the last person voted out of Galang tribe.  Hayden looks uneasy as he sees his girlfriend entering the arena with John and Laura M.  A teary Kat immediately asks Hayden to approach her and they hug.  She tells him that she’s sorry for letting him down.  Hayden says, “My relationship with Kat is more important than even this game.”  Jeff then asks them about the twist this season — the option to switch places with a loved one at Redemption.  Hayden asks Kat of the best strategic plan for them.  Kat wants to switch with Hayden, but Hayden asks her if the switch is the best solution that they can do that would benefit the both of them in the long run.  Kat thinks so because she thinks she is not good at challenges.  After a moment of critical and emotional thinking (both of them are crying right now), Kat decides to compete at Redemption.  One must untie a series of knots to get a big machete and with this knife they must chop a thick rope to release a bag of puzzle pieces.  They must use these puzzle pieces to solve a fire puzzle, similar to the one that Cochran solved in the final challenge in Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites 2.  The first two to finish will stay at Redemption Island and the last one will leave the game for good.  In addition, the first one to finish will get to choose who gets another clue to the hidden immunity idol, something that is relatively useless this season.

John flies through this whole challenge as he is the first one to chop the rope to retrieve the bag of puzzle pieces.  Kat and Laura are neck and neck for second but Kat is having trouble with the puzzles.  John does have a nice head start that Laura M. starts to copy from John.  Kat does not want to cheat.  Hey, this is Survivor, the castaways follow the direction of a challenge BUT they make the rules!  Anyway, true to form, John finishes the puzzle first (he is a force, even better than his wife Candice!) so it’s between Laura and Kat.  Laura still copying from John’s work, while Kat is being coached by Hayden and Gervase.  In the end, Laura finishes second.

(c) CBS

Kat Edorsson from Survivor: One World, is the SEVENTH person to leave Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

Aww poor Kat!  However, with John and Laura M. performing really good at puzzles, I do not think Kat nor Hayden would stand a chance against the other two.  Having said that, I think they made a good decision of not swapping places and keeping Hayden in the game, because Hayden seems to be a better (and smarter at that) Survivor player than his girlfriend and I also think that he is capable of moving forward, farther than what Kat has done in her whole life as a Survivor castaway.

As the first finisher of the challenge, John has the option who should receive the clue to the hidden immunity idol.  He gives it to Monica and Monica (again) throws the clue to the fire.  See, I told you, hidden immunity idols are USELESS this season!

At Tadhana camp, everyone feels bad for Hayden.  Hayden balls in confessional, feeling guilty of not swapping with Kat.  He also says that Kat is naive at times and he thinks he can play a better game than Kat.  On the bright side, Hayden is somehow relieved that he does not have to think and worry about Kat while playing Survivor and is now determined to win the game.  Aras keeps the positive vibe around camp saying that Vytas will join Tadhana at merge to create a majority alliance of six.  Hayden thinks that his relationship with his tribe just got a little stronger because they all have lost a loved one, except for Aras.  Well, it looks like the target is on Aras this time.  I bet Tyson is grinning somewhere.  Later, Aras heads out to meditate all by himself.  C’mon Aras, I thought you’re a Survivor winner?  Leaving the other tribe-mates seems like a mortal sin in Survivor!  Well, that’s because Aras feels he is in a good position right now with Gervase and Tyson by his side.  What he does not know is that, back at camp, Tyson proposes a plan with Gervase, Ciera, Caleb, and Hayden to oust Aras at the next tribal council and everyone is on board with the proposed plan!  Poof!  Tyson also stresses that merge is coming and the five of them should stick together and vote out Aras before he reunites with Vytas.  Ciera is surprised with the plan, admitting that Tyson is a smart guy.

Over at Galang camp, Vytas seems to go pretty well with the ladies.  Tina is still hilariously shipping Vytas with her daughter Katie (#VyTie).  Seriously though, Tina really, really likes Vytas and respects him for standing up against drug addiction.  Later they all gather together to discuss life in general.  Vytas’ strategy of using what he learned in yoga about feminine energy by bringing out his emotional side to the ladies is working big time, giving him an ample amount of trust from everyone.  Laura B. adores Vytas but she does not want to let her fondness of him influence her next vote.  She even gets emotional, thinking about the possibility of losing the next challenge and losing Vytas at the next tribal council.


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Four from each tribe are chained together at the ankles.  Two castaways at both ends are attached to a metal coil.  Those two castaways must release themselves from the coil, then once released, they must then move together through a series of obstacles  wherein they must untie bags along the way.  Once they have collected all the bags, they must go to the final part of the challenge wherein one tribe member is waiting.  That person must assemble the balls and chains, which are the contents of the bags retrieved, to form bolos.  The first tribe to land three bolos on a post wins immunity, plus a fried chicken feast as a reward.  Laura B. Monica, Vytas, and Katie are chained together for Galang tribe, while Caleb, Hayden, Gervase, and Aras are chained together for Tadhana.  Hayden and Gervase quickly maneuvered to release themselves from the coil, followed shortly by Vytas and Monica.  Both tribes are having quite a fair time through the obstacles, but the bags to be collected are located at the same area.  The first station of four bags is as easy at it gets, but when it comes down to the second batch of bags, Monica tries to block Aras as they are trying to get the rest of the bags.  Everyone is tripping over each other and gets tangled because of the connected chains!  They get through it and are able to give the bags to their respective bolo throwers — Tyson for Tadhana, Tina for Galang.  So it’s The First Female Survivor Winner versus The Villain!  Tyson and Tina are neck and neck, but it is Tyson who is able to land the third bolo for a Tadhana win.

The reward looks delicious and Tadhana wastes no time in devouring all the food that is on the table.  Caleb scoops ice from the lemonade, Hayden is happy for their winning streak and Tyson feels safe.  I was hoping that someone might find a clue for the hidden immunity idol in the reward to make that particular concept a bit more interesting and not useless, but hey, I’m not a writer of this show, so, let’s move on.

Galang goes back to camp and right off the bat, Laura B. tells everyone, in a pep talk fashion, that she is saddened that their tribe lost again, and decides to tell Vytas that he is going home tonight!  WTF? SMH.  According to Laura B., Vytas does not deserve a blindside because he is so likable.  This announcement catches Vytas by surprise, but not just him because Tina, Monica, and Katie are all surprised as well!  WOW.  Later Monica tells Katie that it is a Survivor 101 to meet with your alliance before jumping into any executive decisions.  At first, they all know that they will vote out Vytas, but with Laura B.’s unpredictability, trustworthiness comes into play again.  Later, Vytas, thinking that he has nowhere to go, checks in with Tina about the vote.  Tina tells him that it he might be safe tonight because they are seriously thinking about blindsiding Laura.  Vytas feels relieved after hearing this information from Tina.  Katie thinks that Vytas is a bigger threat than Laura B. and should be the one to go, but again, it all boils down to trusting Laura B. and dealing with her unpredictability.


Laura B. tells Jeff that she already told Vytas that he is going home tonight.  Vytas admits that the bit of news was awful, because all he did was to be trustworthy and honest with the tribe.  Monica points out the importance of consulting with the alliance first before jumping into critical decisions.  Vytas then stresses that Kat was voted out because she cannot be trusted.  Jeff asks Vytas what would Aras feel when he will be voted out tonight.  Vytas answers that Aras would be very disappointed because they both wanted to play Survivor together and to work out their relationship as brothers.  Laura B. admits that Aras and Vytas are the two big threats of the game. She also thinks that if she gets voted out tonight, Rupert would feel proud of her for veering away from his shadow and trying to play as herself and by herself.

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Laura Boneham, Rupert’s wife, becomes the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.

There you go.  For me, Survivor will never be Survivor without a good ‘ol blindside.  Loose lips really do sink ships, right?  It’s a lesson for Laura B. about the essence of having an alliance and keeping your mouth shut.

Next week’s another game-changing episode we will get to find out who, from the remaining castaways at Redemption, is going back into the game. Aside from that, it’s another #DropYourBuffs episode as the two tribe finally merge!


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