5 Scariest Moments in Modern Horror Movies

Horror movies come and go and yearly we get to see a handful of scary movies, some are scary, some not so much.  While others fail to spook out its audiences, some really stood out and made me jump out of my seat with a scared feeling that would last a long time.  Let’s all take a look at my top 5 choices for the most terrifying moments in some of the horror movies of our generation, calling them Horror movie modern classics.



The Moment: At night, Carolyn (Lili Taylor) hears a group of girls laughing in the hall.  Thinking that her daughters are still playing hide-and-clap, she shouts and tells them that it’s past their bed time.  She goes downstairs and starts searching around and hear two claps coming from another room.  Following the sound, she ends up at the basement.  Before she can exit the room, the door shuts and the light goes off.  She lights a match and stares into the darkness…and then two hands clap over her shoulder.

Why It Scared Me: The horror in The Conjuring is simple yet frightening.  Who knew that with a simple play game of hide-and-clap can give you a spine chilling response in your most unguarded moments.

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4. AUDITION (1999)

The Moment: When the male protagonist Aoyama, who seems to have lost touch in having a love life, finally decides to give Asami, a girl he barely knows who showed up in an “Audition”, a call for a date.  On the other side of the call, Asami makes a sinister grin.  After the phone call, a bag that has been sitting still in her apartment suddenly moves violently.

Why It Scared Me:  Directed by Takashi Miike, Audition has got to be one of the sickest and scariest Asian movies I have ever seen and this particular scene shocked me so badly.  I had a suspicion that the over-sized bag in the background contains a body, but little did I expect that it was still alive…and then it finally moved.

3. INSIDIOUS (2010)

The Moment: When Renai (Rose Byrne) wakes up from a bad dream, she notices a figure of a man pacing back and forth outside the window.  The figure keeps on pacing until it unexpectedly appears INSIDE THE ROOM!

Why It Scared Me:  If Audition is one of the scariest Asian movies I have seen, Insidious is definitely one of the scariest movies I have seen in recent years.  I can literally pin-point every single scary scene in it and place them in this list!  What I love about Insidious (and Insidious: Chapter 2) is the “in your face” terror that Director James Wan brings to the table.  No build up, no apprehension, no music, just a figure walking outside then suddenly appears inside the room and in front of our screens and there’s nothing else we could do but be terrified.

2. RINGU (1998)

The Moment: Ryuji Takayama (Hiroyuki Sanada) helplessly scrambles while the spirit of Sadako (Rie Inoo) comes out of the television inching itself closer and closer to Ryuji’s demise.

Why It Scared Me:  This horror movie moment can already be called a classic.  As we see Sadako moving (in a freaky, disturbing manner) out of the well and closer to the TV screen, we all refused to believe that Sadako would actually come out of it.  So when she does finally come out, fear becomes real.


The Moment: The final moments of this found footage film shows Heather (Heather Donahue) recording herself with just a flashlight as a spotlight.  She then hears noise and finds herself in an abandoned, dilapidated house.  Looking for her cameraman Mike (Michael C. Williams) , she heads to the basement and the camera shows Mike standing in the corner, facing the wall.  The camera then drops.

Why It Scared Me: The Blair Witch Project is the pioneer for these types of found footage films, trying to fool the audience that the events recorded in the video really transpired.  I hated that aspect.  So the build up from the beginning to their abrupt end spooked me up until this point and I think this scar will last a lifetime.

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