Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 9 Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

(c) CBS

It’s a double-header as two castaways are being voted out in one episode!  Who will it be?

On night 21, the newly merged tribe, Kasama, goes back to their camp.  Vytas congratulates everyone for blindsiding his brother Aras at the last tribal council.  It’s always hard to be blindsided, but hey, it’s Survivor.  Blindsiding Aras leaves his brother, plus Tina and Katie on the outs.  Tina then steps up and speaks up of her disappointment and is upset at Monica and Tyson for betraying their alliance.  Again it would have been an amazing final five with Tina, Tyson, Monica, Aras, and Gervase had they stuck to their original alliance!  Tyson tells Tina that it was Aras who broke the alliance as he made an alliance out of everybody.  Caleb, Ciera, and Laura M. all confirm it.  Where did that actually happen?  As far as I know Aras was eager to get the original five, plus their loved ones in an alliance, but he did not betray anyone else’s trust!


Day 22, Tina talks with daughter Katie about pushing further in the game without protecting each other.  Tina is proud that she played a loyal game, but admits that her future this time is not so good.  So Tina wants Katie to move forward without thinking of throwing herself under the bus.



The Individual Immunity necklace. Beautiful isn’t it? (c) CBS

It’s a food eating challenge!  Jeff Probst reminisces with Gervase about the first time Survivor has done a food eating challenge back in season one and Gervase was so bad at it.  First round.  The first group of five consists of Tyson, Vytas, Monica, Katie, and Laura.  Their food: a shotglass-full of mealworms.  Yikes!  The first three will move on to the next round.  Tyson finishes first, while Vytas gags and coughs out a few worms that drop to the floor.  He has to take those worms back into his mouth to finish, AND HE DID!  Amazing performance by Vytas as he is able to finish third, behind Monica.  Next group: Caleb, Hayden, Gervase, Tina, and Ciera.  They are also going to eat the same as the first group.  It’s so funny to watch Gervase as he jumps up and down trying to figure out how to finish his, umm, meal.  Hayden finishes first, Ciera gives up, Caleb spits a few worms back to the plate, and Gervase still hitting his head to psyche himself up.  Gervase finishes second so it’s between Caleb and Tina.  Caleb finishes third.

Second round. Two from Gervase, Tyson, Monica, Caleb, Vytas and Hayden are moving forward for the final round.  Their food: pig intestines, or in Philippine-terms and lingos, ISAW.  Gervase is actually doing a very decent job of tearing the intestines into little pieces and chewing them one by one.  Him and Monica are able to devour the intestines and will put up against each other in the final round.

Final round.  Their food: two humongous coconut grubs!  Jeff reminds Gervase that the one food that he was not able to get down in his first season was a grub and now he has to eat two large grubs!  He jumps up and down again and shouts that he can’t do it, but he at least makes an effort to try it.  Monica runs to Jeff and opens her mouth as she wins her very first Individual Immunity ever.  It would have been a sweet victory for Gervase had he won, but kudos to Culpepper.


Back at camp, Tyson, Ciera, Gervase, and Laura talk strategy.  They all agree to split the votes — boys will vote out Vytas, girls will vote out Katie — to flush out a potential immunity idol.  Thinking that he has already the idol, Tyson knows that they don’t have to worry, but he has to play along with the plan to protect himself and his idol.  Vytas asks the guys about the vote, because he is pretty certain that it’s going to be either him, Katie, and Tina.  No one seems to take care about Vytas as he is ignored.  Vytas then takes a walk with Hayden.  Hayden reveals the plan of splitting the votes.  Thinking that there are seven in the majority alliance, Vytas asks Hayden to make sure that the four votes will go to Katie, and three to him.  Katie also feels worried that she might be leaving next so she checks in with everybody.  With everyone moving and talking with each other, Monica, who is immune from the next vote,gets paranoid for the nth time.  Later, Vytas asks Tyson to split the votes 3 to him and 4 to Katie.  He points out that if they voted out Katie, they would also break her and Tina up.  He tells Tyson that he would get  jury vote if they spare him tonight.  Tyson kind of agree with Vytas’ plan, but he has a different thing in mind.  He worries that if the girls wise up and form an all-girl alliance, Vytas may be more valuable than Katie.  He then carefully proposes to his alliance to vote out Katie, without making himself like the one controlling everyone, the ring leader.



Vytas admits that he was very upset with the alliance when they voted out his brother in the last tribal council.  Gervase understands Vytas’ feelings because he, too, was upset when his niece, Marissa, was voted out.  Vytas commends the majority alliance for sticking up while keeping someone as paranoid as Monica.  BOOM!  Monica fires back at Vytas saying that he betrayed her husband Brad earlier in the game.  Well, I did not notice that anger when Monica was with Vytas in the switch, as a matter of fact, she adores Vytas, keeping him around longer than Kat and Laura B.!  Anyway, Katie admits that if she survives the vote, she will find cracks in the alliance to further her game.  Vytas tells everyone to be vigilant as he warns the guys about the possibility of the girls to join up and form an all-girl alliance, so they must vote out a girl now.  He also targets Tyson and Gervase because he thinks that those two guys are the ones running the show.


(c) CBS

Vytas Baskauskas, Aras’ brother, is the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.


Back at camp, Monica reveals that changing her vote from Katie, as originally planned by her alliance (girls will vote out Katie while the boys will vote out Vytas), to Vytas felt really good.  Gervase thinks otherwise.  Gervase is not happy that Monica switched her vote at the last minute.


At Redemption Island, Aras feels that he was the reason why Vytas was voted out.  Vytas also thinks that Aras made a mistake and he is voted out, guilty by association.  Aras cheers Vytas, saying that they are still in the game.  Vytas thinks not.  Aras admits that the best things don’t come when you are pessimistic.



One must hold a sword on one hand and balance it on a shield.  At intervals, their other hand must stack different sizes of coins on the handle.  When the coins fall, you are out of the challenge.  The last person standing wins.  Pretty interesting challenge, I must say.  Monica is the first person out, followed by Ciera, Tina, Gervase, Laura, and Caleb.  The coins are high at this point, making it more difficult to balance, plus the wind can also topple the coins down.  Tyson is the next to go, so it’s between Hayden and Katie.  With a supportive mom who is cheering on her side, Katie wins immunity!


Tina is proud of her daughter while Katie worries that Tina will go home tonight.  Tina spends her last time on the island, looking for the hidden immunity idol.  However, the other guys from the other alliance will take no mercy at the hands of Tina as Tyson, Hayden, and Caleb follow Tina’s every move.  Tyson finds Tina at the spot where he actually found the hidden immunity idol.  Of course Tina has no luck so she sits down and waits for the guys to move out.  She also thinks that if she stops looking for the idol, others may think that she already has it.  Later, paranoia strikes Monica as she asks Laura if they should split the vote because they are not sure if Tina has found it.  But the bigger question is that, if they are going to split the votes, who are they splitting the votes besides Tina, since Katie has immunity?  The misfortunes of having a majority alliance of SEVEN.  Tyson assures Monica that Tina does not have the idol.  Gervase is still upset of Monica and her sudden switch of votes, so he finds Hayden and Caleb to vote out Monica, in case Tina has the idol.



Tina admits to Jeff that she spent the whole day looking for the hidden immunity idol, her last straw.  She also tells Jeff that she had babysitters all day, but stresses that there were two instances that she was able to search alone.  That statement stings the others, making them wonder if she was able to find it.  After that, Tina tells Monica that she is at the bottom of the majority alliance, saying that she is the last person to know who to vote for because she talks too much.  Let me check: there’s Ciera and her mom Laura who are tight, Gervase and Tyson are also tight, Hayden and Caleb seem to be tight as well, that leaves Monica at the bottom.  I think Tina has a valid point.


(c) CBS

Tina Wesson from Survivor: The Australian Outback and Survivor: All-Stars is the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.


It’s hard to pinpoint who voted for whom this season because they don’t show it, unlike in the all the past seasons.  Having said that, I’m beginning to hate this season.  Yes, it has become a season of vicious blood versus water, but it has also been a season where the evil ones are once again triumphing over the good people on the game.  I really felt sad for this double elimination and the way Vytas and Tina did in order to save themselves through it.  Poor Vytas, but he did everything that he could to save himself from the vote.  He started the season on top, then plummets to the ground when the switch happened.  Having a brother like Aras, who was one of the greatest Survivor stars, may seem to be at fault in some way, though.  On the other hand, seeing Tina handling the whole situation made me want to root for her some more.  She is indeed a class act and a Survivor Classic Hero.  In contrary to how I loved Cochran’s gameplan and the other castaways’ integrity last season (even cutting Brenda out was briliantly vicious yet understandable), Blood Vs. Water is no longer fun to watch.  I can see Tyson winning the whole thing, but Gervase has been a sleek and silent predator that he can coast around and grab the title from Tyson.


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