Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 10 Recap: Big Bad Wolf

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And we move on from the nightmarish events (to the minority alliance, that is) that happened from previous episode.

This time we focus more on the dynamics of the last-couple-standing, Laura M. and Ciera, as well as the last-woman-in-the-minority-alliance, Katie.

Kasama comes back from the last tribal council.  Katie feels bad that her mom Tina was voted out and worries that she will most likely be the next one to go.  If she can’t think of any plans of breaking the cracks in the majority alliance, she is in big trouble.  Meanwhile, Laura M. and Ciera are giddy that they are the last loved-one couples left in the game.  However, Ciera is ready to vote out her mom when needed.  For real, Ciera?  Nice!  You are becoming an interesting character, more interesting than your mother!  Way to go!


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Aras, Vytas, and Tina must use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags of balls.  Once they have the bags, they must use the balls to solve a table maze.  The last person to finish will leave the game and will become the first member of the jury.  Though she can switch places, Tina decides to play in Redemption.  At first toss, Tina is able to hook a bag. The brother Baskauskas are having a hard time hooking on to the bags.  Aras on the other hand, just wants to enjoy the moment that I could not sense a drive of being in a competition.  Tina and Vytas are neck-and-neck at the table maze part of the duel.  Tina is at the final part of the maze when she drops the balls right before the target spot, so she has to start over.  Vytas is also at the final section of the maze, and is able to land the ball at the right spot.  Vytas finishes first.  Tina flies through the maze the second time, but tries to be very careful at the final section.  Aras tries his best to keep up with Tina, but it is Tina who finishes second.

(c) CBS

Aras Baskauskas, winner of Survivor: Exile Island is the TENTH person to leave Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, becomes the FIRST member of the Jury.

True to being a class act and a gracious Survivor castaway, Aras admits that he is happy that he was able to play the game with his brother that even though he does not win 1 million dollars, getting closer to his brother is worth more than all the money in the world.  He also assures everyone that he does not have any hard feelings towards anybody.  I applaud you, Aras, and I am so sad to see you go.  Anyway, Vytas decides to give the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Katie.  Katie in return keeps it instead of throwing the clue into the fire.  At last!

Back at camp, Katie wastes no time in reading the clue and searches for it.  Based on the clue given, Katie seems to have an idea where the idol is hidden.  Laura M. suggests that they should hide all the tools that may be useful for Katie to dig for the idol.  She also suggests to follow Katie everywhere she goes.  Tyson does not worry about it because as we all know, he already has the hidden immunity idol.  All he is thinking right now is his next move, although he is very critical in making such big moves so that he would not look like the bad guy.  Later that day, Tyson talks with Caleb and Hayden and he suggests to vote out Laura before she even makes a move with her daughter.

Later, Ciera makes a heartfelt talk with her mom.  Ciera tells her mom the she has a better chance of winning than her mom.  Ciera thinks that it is hard to talk strategy, but it’s harder to talk strategy with a loved one.  Even though it’s a competition and Ciera is trying to say that she is willing to vote her out, Laura is so proud of her daughter and realizes, “The fact that my daughter has the courage to say that to me shows that she has grown as a woman.”

At the crack of dawn, Katie runs out to search for her hidden immunity idol.  Laura manages to follow Katie, thinking that if Katie gets the immunity idol, she is the next one to go.


(c) CBS

They will each stand on a platform while holding a rope attached to a pole.  Every five minutes, they will move their hands further down the rope and leaning closer to the water.  The last person left standing wins immunity and a table-full of junk — hamburgers, french fries, hotdogs, and sodas.  Right off the bat, Hayden seems to be too heavy for this challenge as he falls of the platform, followed shortly by Caleb.  I think this challenge is not meant for the heavy guys.  Jeff tells the remaining castaways to move one knot lower.  Gervase and Ciera are the next ones to fall, followed by Katie (oh no!) and Laura.  So it’s between Tyson and Monica for the immunity.  Tyson has the injured arm, remember?  So it’s extremely harder for him.  Monica wins her second immunity!  Jeff asks Monica to choose one castaway to share the reward, but Monica requests to give up her reward in favor of everyone else in the tribe.  Trying to buy some jury votes, eh?

At camp, Ciera pink-swears with Katie and tells her that they are voting out her mom tonight.  Katie answers that she will play the hidden immunity idol just to be safe.  And now for the fun/funny/stupid part.  Ciera tricks Katie that she cannot possibly have the idol because she has it.  Katie stupidly admits that she does not have it, giving Ciera a valuable information.  Later, Ciera talks with Tyson, Hayden, and Caleb about the vital news she has gathered and suggests to vote out Katie tonight, in order to save her mom as well.  Tyson is somehow surprised that Ciera is playing a very great game, harder than he thought she was capable of.


With Aras in the background, Katie admits that she has to work extra harder to stay in the game.  They all are not sure who has the hidden immunity idol, well except for Tyson of course, and Caleb advises to everyone to think about voting the right person at the right time.  Hayden points out that the bond between Ciera and Laura is tougher than anyone in the tribe.  Laura stresses that she and her daughter can count as two big votes, however, Katie points out that the disadvantage of keeping a loved-one couple is that they both want to be in the finals with each other.  Caleb admits that they are either voting out Katie, or one of the remaining pair of loved-ones, meaning Laura or Ciera.

(c) CBS

Laura Morett from Survivor: Samoa is the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.

(c) CBS

I applaud Ciera for doing this amazing and cut-throat move to vote out her own mom.  This may be a very good move for her and I feel this will benefit her in the long run.  But this is SURVIVOR, anything can happen.

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