Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 11 Recap: Gloves Come Off

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After a game-changing tribal council in the last episode where Ciera voted off her own mom Laura, in this episode we will get to witness Ciera as a serious threat and a smart competitor, probably one of the most memorable characters this season.

Kasama tribe tries to comfort Ciera on Night 26.  Ciera hopes that voting off her own mother will prove her trustworthiness with her alliance.  Tyson admits that she has shown a bit of loyalty, but above all he thinks that she is playing a pretty serious game and may be dangerous.  Did I get that one right?  It seems like Tyson is scared of Ciera!  Nice!

At Redemption Island, Laura pranks Tina as she tries to impersonate Tina’s daughter Katie.  As Tina expects to see her daughter again, Laura shouts “Mom?” and Tina immediately thinks it’s Katie so she runs into her only to discover it is Laura!  Such a funny moment and I love Tina!  Anyway, Laura tells Tina and Vytas about the fact that her own daughter voted her out, saying that she is still proud of Ciera no matter what happened in the last tribal council.  Vytas is amazed that everyone is not gunning Tyson, whom he feels the one running things.


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Jeff Probst asks Laura about her feelings when her daughter voted her out.  Laura cries and admits that she’s proud of her and assures Ciera that she will do her best in the duel to come back.  Speaking of the duel, Vytas, Tina, and Laura must use their fingers to navigate four colored blocks across a netted tunnel.  Once they have the four blocks, they must stack them with no repeating colors on each side.  First two will stay while the last one will be out of the game.  Vytas and Laura are both neck-and-neck at the start of the duel.  Laura and Vytas retrieve their four blocks and they begin figuring out how to stack the blocks properly.  Tina is trailing behind and is having a hard time collecting the blocks.  She manages to catch up though, but it is Laura who finishes first.  And then a surprise thing happens when Laura starts helping Tina with the puzzle.  With Laura’s help, Tina is able to catch up with Vytas, who had a huge head-start in the puzzle!  Tina finishes seconds before Vytas.

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Vytas Baskauskas, Aras’s brother, is the ELEVENTH person to leave Survivor: Blood vs. Water, becomes the SECOND member of the jury.

Poor Vytas because he was ganged-up by the two mothers!  Vytas is disappointed with his Survivor journey, but feels glad that he was able to experience the game with his brother Aras.  I really like Vytas because you can feel that he is truly a nice person and changed man.  I am looking forward to seeing him play Survivor again in the future, or better yet a Survivor special edition wherein Aras competes with Vytas (Survivor: Aras vs. Vytas sounds cool, eh?).  Anyway, being the winner of the duel, Laura gives the clue to the hidden immunity to Ciera.  Ciera then puts the clue to the fire.

Back at Kasama camp, Tyson feels that the next two Tribal Councils will be the crucial ones.  He checks in with Gervase, Caleb, and Hayden and suggest to vote out Katie next because he feels that Katie is dangerous that she already has three jury votes from Aras, Vytas, and Tina.  Hayde agrees with Tyson’s plan, but thinks of making a big, bold move in order to win the game.  He plans of blindsiding Tyson.  Caleb agrees and then tells Katie about the plan.  Katie is happy about the news and decides to team up with the old Tadhana tribe and get rid of Tyson, the bigger threat.  Later Caleb and Hayden talk with Ciera about the big, bold plan.  Ciera agrees with the plan, but feels that she’s having second thoughts of playing with the newbies.  Her next move?  Ciera then talks with the veteran Tyson and right there she spills the beans of Caleb and Hayden’s plan.  Tyson is nervous at this point.  Tyson then tells Ciera that she has his back and they will be solid with Gervase and Monica.  Talking about sticking with the returning players just to move forward ala-Sherri, huh, Ciera?  At night, Tyson exposes to his right-hand guy Gervase about Hayden and Caleb’s plan.  Gervase feels bad about this because he thought that the four of them will stick together to the end.  Gervase then suggests to vote out Caleb next because he thinks Caleb is too likable.

The next day, Hayden feels paranoid when Ciera asks Tyson to come with him to get the tree mail.  At tree mail, Ciera finalizes the plan of getting rid of Caleb on the next tribal council.  Ciera feels glad that she decides to stick with Tyson.


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Each castaway must hold on to a rope handle that is connected to a bucket.  The bucket has 25% of each person’s body weight.  When they cannot hold much longer, the rope will unspool that will eventually release the bucket, dropping and then breaking a tile.  The last person standing wins immunity.  Jeff then announces a twist in the challenge.  Everyone has the option to opt out this challenge and in place, feast on barbeque, chicken, and steak.  Jeff then hands each person a white rock and a black rock.  One must show the black rock if he wants to feast, or the white rock if he wants to compete.  Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera opt out, while the others opt to play.  WOW.  It seems like Ciera is pretty confident about her alliance that she does not need immunity!  Courageous move coming from someone you would least likely expect to be a threatening Survivor player.  Once the challenge begins, Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera also begin eating.  Katie is the first one to drop the bucket.  After twenty minutes, Caleb drops his bucket.  Hayden cannot hold much longer as Monica wins her third consecutive Individual Immunity.

Ciera’s action at the last immunity challenge makes Hayden think that she is indeed choosing to side with Tyson and Gervase than to them.  Hayden and Caleb decide to talk things out with Tyson.  They tell Tyson that they are afraid that they will be blindsided tonight.  Tyson reveals that he also feels the same way.  The three of them come to a conclusion that Ciera is the real main reason why they don’t trust each other.  Tyson feels that Ciera is too sneaky and smart that they all decide to vote out Ciera next.  However, Tyson admits that he feels uneasy while talking with Hayden and Caleb.  He is now thinking about using his hidden immunity idol.


Hayden feels uncomfortable that he needed to compete for immunity rather than feasting with Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera.  Ciera reveals that she had no chance of winning the immunity challenge, so she decided to eat instead.  Tyson admits that he was surprised that a lot of people opted to play instead of eating, thinking that everyone in his alliance must be as comfortable as he was.  Now what if everyone decides to eat instead rather than compete?  Nobody wins immunity?  OH there’s Katie, so Katie would have won immunity and one of the remaining members of the alliance will have to vote one of their own!  Oh well, enough about my thoughts, let’s move on.  Looking directly to Hayden, Gervase stresses the importance of trust within their alliance.  Hayden admits that he has had doubts, but assures that he trusts them now more than ever.  Ciera is not feeling the love at this point.  The tribe then votes and Tyson reveals, in such a funny moment, that he will be using his hidden immunity idol.

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Caleb Bankston, Colton’s fiancé, is the next person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.

Damn you Ciera!  You messed up everything!  Having said that, Ciera definitely proved herself to be a tough force to be reckoned with and a serious, knowledgeable player.  It would have been a very sweet victory for the loved-ones had she stuck with Caleb, Hayden, and Katie, though.  Honestly, I think she should have given the newbies a chance in this game because I feel like she might have a bigger chance of winning against the new ones rather than competing with the veterans.


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