Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 12 Recap: Rustle Feathers

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With a shocking boot of Caleb in the last episode, things get a little more, let’s say, all over the place.

As soon as the Kasama tribe arrives at their camp, Hayden lays everything on the table and somehow throws Tyson under the bus.  Thinking that he is at the bottom of the pile, he tells everyone to settle for second place max for Tyson is the one who will win it all because of the excellent game he is playing.  Although Tyson loves Hayden’s adoration towards him, he admits that he does not like the attention he is getting, giving him a huge target in front of everyone.  Gervase immediately fires back at Hayden, saying that Tyson can’t make a move without his help.  Hayden kinda agrees, but stresses that everyone is seeing Tyson as the mastermind.  The cat’s out of the bag! MEEP!  Later that evening, Tyson gathers Ciera, Gervase, and Monica and together they decide to vote out Hayden next, or Katie (if Hayden wins immunity).



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Jeff Probst notices that Caleb refuses to look at the tribe that voted him out.  Caleb admits that he has no hard feelings for Hayden and Katie, then says, “A man’s word is a man’s word and in the south it means something, but in the game of Survivor and Utah and Philly, it does not mean as much.”  This pertains to Tyson, who lives in Utah, and Gervase, in Philadelphia.  Gervase calls Caleb a sore loser.  Ugh, I’m so damn irritated with Gervase!  Anyway, Tina, Laura, and Caleb must stack a house of cards as high as 8 feet.  The first person to reach the mark or the two persons with the highest tower in 30 minutes win, while the shortest tower will become the next member of the jury.  Laura looks like she is unbeatable when it comes to Redemption challenges as she swiftly stacks the wooden cards 8 feet.  She is through.  Caleb’s house of cards is much higher than Tina’s, unfortunately in the last few minutes of the duel, his tower falls!  You know what, Tina is one lucky girl!  She was saved at the last duel with the help of Laura, and now, this!


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Caleb Bankston, Colton’s fiancé, is the TWELFTH person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, becomes the THIRD member of the jury.


It’s quite a nice ride for Caleb, something that his fiance’, Colton will never have the capacity of doing.  Meanwhile, Laura gives Ciera the clue for the hidden immunity idol.  Ciera decides to keep the clue.


Back at camp, Ciera feels glad that her mom was the first finisher of the Redemption duel.  She then reveals the clue to her alliance so that together they can look for the idol faster.  Really Ciera?  I think it’s a dumb move.  As soon as Ciera reads the clue to Tyson, Monica, and Gervase, they start searching for it near the well and around the trees.  Meanwhile, Hayden and Katie feel that the others are looking for the idol, so they follow them and try to search the idol, hoping that they may be able to find it first.  Guess who finally locates it: TYSON.  Tyson is now balling for searching a hidden idol for the second time and gathers strength from his girlfriend Rachel, who was eliminated too early in the game.


Later, Hayden talks with Gervase about their future plans.  I hope Hayden is cooking something up that is tempting enough to sway Gervase.  Gervase seems like he is about to jump ship!  Hayden tells Gervase that he has Katie on his side, while trying to get Ciera’s vote as well.  Gervase finally tells Hayden that he is on board IF Ciera is on board.



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They must balance a ball on top of a stick, while going through a series of obstacles.  Once they drop the ball they must start over.  At each station, they will add another section of the pole, so every obstacle the pole will be more and more difficult to balance the ball with.  Once they reach the final part of the obstacle, they must use the ball with a key to open a chest and inside the chest are sandbags.  They must then use the sandbags to knock down nine bamboo targets.  The first one to finish wins immunity and ICE CREAM!  The challenge is so difficult, but Monica, once again, proves to be a very tough competitor when it comes to individual challenges!  It is also funny and entertaining to watch Katie as she stumbles and drops her ball to her head!  Hayden is really trying, but keeps dropping his ball.  In the end it is between Monica, Gervase, and Tyson, the three veterans, for the win!  Gervase is still trying to get his final target while Monica is now down to only two targets.  Gervase wins his very first immunity!  Another ego-boost for the egotistical Gervase!  He chooses to share his ice cream reward to Monica and Tyson.


Back at camp, Manong Sorbetero (Filipino lingo for the Ice Cream man) arrives with his ICED CREAM (the actual name of his ice cream cart. Funny!) for Gervase, Tyson, and Monica’s delight.  As they feast on their reward, Hayden and Katie talk with Ciera about making the big move of voting off Monica or Tyson tonight.  Ciera admits that she has no intentions of switching any moment and siding with Hayden and Katie.  Later, Hayden tries to talk things out with Ciera and Gervase.  Damn, their alliance is tight!  As Tyson joins them, Hayden just flat out admits to him that he is trying very hard to sway Gervase and Ciera.



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Hayden comes in the tribal council gunning Tyson.  He admits that it’s still he and Katie against Tyson, Gervase, Monica, and Ciera.  He then stresses that Tyson is the one running the whole game.  Jeff then asks Gervase the reason behind choosing Tyson and Monica in the reward.  Gervase says that Tyson and Monica have been with him since the beginning.  Uh-oh, this bothers Ciera.  Monica reassures Ciera that “Four is better than Six.”  DING DING!  Ciera is bothered to hear that she is number four in their alliance.  Hayden grabs hold of this opportunity as he asks Ciera to join him and Katie and not be number four, better yet part of the final three.  Gervase stresses out that he, Monica, and Tyson have been playing an honest game so far, in contrast to Hayden and Katie.  Tyson also tries to reassure Ciera that he has never voted against her, unlike the other two.  Hayden and Katie then talk with Ciera to join them and vote out Monica that will force them to have a tie that will eventually end up drawing rocks.  I never thought that Ciera is capable of being this essential in this game.  She is definitely becoming a huge character this season!  The tribe then votes.  Hayden receives three votes while Monica surprisingly receive three votes as well!  WE HAVE A TIE!  CIERA FLIPS!  The tribe re-votes and ends up with another tie!  Jeff then explains the rules in this situation.  Since they could not decide who to vote out between Hayden and Monica, the two of them are safe.  Gervase has immunity, so it’s between Tyson, Ciera and Katie who will draw rocks.


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Katie Collins, Tina’s daughter, is voted out of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.


Crazy, CRAZY tribal council!  Too bad Katie was not lucky enough to survive the drawing of rocks.  And Tyson and Gervase are getting on my nerves!  By the way, this is just the second time in Survivor history that they ended up drawing rocks in the tribal council.  The first time was in Survivor: Marquesas (Season 4) where Paschal was eliminated.  Going back to Season 27, I think Ciera did the worst move of the season.  If she wanted to make a big move to break the solid alliance of Tyson, Gervase, and Monica, she should have made that move when Caleb was still around.  She should have joined Hayden and Caleb’s plan in the previous episode!  Drawing rocks is always risky.  That’s pretty weak of Ciera to not feel that Tyson is the ring-leader and that his alliance with Gervase and Monica is airtight.  I think Ciera just lost her chances of winning the title of Sole Survivor.


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