Survivor Blood Vs. Water Episode 13 Recap: Out On A Limb

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We are almost done with this season and let me say that this has been an incredibly crazy season of Survivor!  Ciera has become one of the most memorable castaways this season, but with, for me, a mistaken move last tribal council, can she bounce back with Hayden and come back victorious?


After being cast off via drawing of rocks (the second time in Survivor history), Katie arrives to Redemption Island.  She is greeted by Laura and her mom Tina.  They are surprised about what had transpired in the last tribal council.  Katie feels sad and unlucky that she might have gone farther had Tyson drawn the white rock instead of her, and she, Hayden, and Ciera may have found themselves in the final three.  Tina thinks about the next Redemption duel that there is a possibility that one of them may be leaving the game for good.  Katie tells her mom that they both just try their hardest in the duel.


Back at the Kasama camp, Monica and Tyson congratulate Ciera for making the biggest move of the season.  Hayden is delighted that he is still around and considers his move of shaking the alliance a success.  It would have been a greater success if Tyson was eliminated though.  Tyson then calls out Gervase for telling Hayden that he was going to be voted out.  I agree with Tyson that it’s a Survivor 101 lesson of not telling anyone that he will be voted out because it gives the people at the bottom enough time to scramble and be crazy.  But the queen of cray-cray is definitely Monica!  As Ciera draws a line (a literal one) in the sand to separate her and Hayden from Tyson, Gervase,  and Monica, Monica on the other hand grabs Ciera onto her side.  Monica thinks that even though she feels safe with her alliance with Tyson and Gervase, she still keeps her guard up especially that there is a possibility that Hayden and Ciera might have a hidden immunity idol.  She then tells her concern with Gervase and Tyson.  Tyson immediately calms Monica and tells them that he has the hidden immunity idol.  This bit of news does not stop Monica from being paranoid as she starts talking too much strategy.  This paranoia is getting on Tyson’s nerves.  Tyson tells Gervase, “She’s not great at Survivor, but she’s really come in handy.”


Day 33.  Hayden and Ciera talk strategy.  Ciera is somehow delighted that she was able to switch alliances to better herself in the game, too bad Katie was eliminated and now Ciera and Hayden are part of the minority.  Ciera still feels hopeful that her mom, Laura, can go back from Redemption.  So their strategy is to look for the idol, win the next immunity challenge, and find a crack in the majority alliance.



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Tina reveals to Jeff Probst that this will be the hardest duel for her because she is pitted against her daughter Katie.  The duel is also a classic Survivor game where one must use sticks and ropes to put together a pole long enough to retrieve three keys that would open three locks.  The first two to unlock the locks and step through the door stay in the game, while the last one will be out for good, becoming the next member of the jury.  I have to say, Laura is a MONSTER when it comes to challenges!  She is just amazing as she finishes the duel first.  Now the hard part, it’s between Tina and her daughter Katie for the last spot.  Katie gets to hook her second key but it falls to the ground, making it extremely difficult to get.  Tina is able to retrieve all three keys.  Before Tina finishes to unlock her door, she tearfully asks Katie if this is okay with her.  Before she passes through the door, Tina utters a “sorry” and an “I love you”  to her daughter.


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Katie Collins, Tina’s daughter, is the THIRTEENTH person to leave Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, becomes the FOURTH member of the jury.

It’s so sad to see Katie go, but it’s sadder to watch Tina as she asks Katie for an approval as she enters her door to her redemption win.  Such an emotional moment not just for Tina and Katie, but for everyone including us, the fans of the show!  After the duel, Tina immediately cries and she and Katie hug each other.  Katie tells her mom that she is so proud of her.  Anyway, Laura gives the clue to the hidden immunity idol to Ciera.  Ciera keeps it.


Back at camp, Ciera immediately shares the clue with Hayden and together they try to search for it.  As Hayden climbs a tree, Monica suddenly appears from nowhere.  This drives Hayden nuts!  In the end he could not find the idol, making him worried that Tyson might have found it already.  Meanwhile, Gervase checks in with Monica and they talk about trust.  Later, Hayden and Ciera plan to crack Monica in order for her to flip.  Hayden tells Ciera to tell Monica that Tyson and Gervase are badmouthing her behind her back.  Ciera volunteers to be the one doing the said plan.  I really do hope it works and a final three with Hayden, Ciera, and Monica seems like a nice deal.



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The five remaining castaways must use a buoy to pass through a series of obstacles.  Once they reach the shore, they must untie a bag of letter tiles and solve a puzzle with a classic Survivor phrase.  I wonder what phrase would it be.  Hayden and Tyson take the early lead while Ciera is dead last.  Everyone is at the puzzle stage of the challenge, well, except for Ciera.  Ciera is trailing so far behind!  She has finally caught up with everyone with the solving of the puzzle.  In a surprise finish, CIERA WINS IMMUNITY!  That was a come-from-behind victory for Ciera!  She shares the reward of food with Hayden, who else.


At the reward feast, Hayden is happy for Ciera.  Ciera is also delighted with her win and hopes that her mom wins the duel so that she, her mom, and Hayden can regroup and make a triumphant comeback.  With that, Hayden and Ciera are eager to crack Monica up.


And that moment comes.  Ciera talks with Monica privately and tells her the Tyson is an evil individual.  Ciera reveals to Monica that Tyson makes fun of her and says that he can get Monica to do whatever he tells her because she is a puppet, she is weak, and she is paranoid.  Monica is hurt by hearing this and starts to cry.



Hayden admits that Tyson and Gervase are both controlling Monica.  Gervase stresses to Monica that Hayden and Ciera are at the bottom and they will do what it takes to stay in the game, that includes throwing out lies to cause trouble.  Monica reveals that Ciera told her the bad things that Tyson and Gervase have said behind her back.  Hayden accuses Tyson as the game-maker of it all.  This pisses Gervase off.  Hayden then invites Monica to join the good guys to show to everyone, including her family, that she is strong and resilient, and not as Tyson’s dog.  Ciera also encourages Monica to make it a Culpepper game.


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Hayden Moss, Kat’s boyfriend is next person voted out of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water, sent to Redemption Island.


Aww.  Too bad for Hayden.  Though I must admit, I think the way Ciera and Hayden tried to convince Monica to jump ship was a little overdone.  It makes me feel that this season is one of those Survivor seasons where evil triumphs over the good people.  I really love the underdogs, but in this case, the underdogs do not have a chance at winning, unless Ciera creates something that would make her win the whole thing.  It all boils down to the previous mistake that Ciera made in episode 12 where she stuck with Tyson’s alliance and voted out Caleb.  With one episode left this season, I guess this is Tyson’s season to lose.  Nobody likes Gervase because he is an asshole, and I don’t think Monica has a chance because she is too paranoid.  Had she chose to flip in this episode, she might have a chance at winning.  But, this is just my prediction and fearless forecast!  Let’s just wait till next week’s epic season finale!


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