Twenty-Seven Percent


People’s attitudes toward Bible prophecy vary widely.  Some believers are so preoccupied with it that they are constantly talking about the latest world, events, thinking they are biblical signs that Christ could return in any moment.  Others are so casual in their view of prophecy that it seems as if they don’t believe it’s relevant to the Christian life at all.


So, is prophecy important?  Here are some facts to help put things in perspective.  There are 31,124 verses in the Bible.  Of these verses, 8,352 have prophetic content of some kind.  That’s  27 percent of Scripture!


Because prophecy occupies more than a quarter of Scripture, the believer should deeply value its role in God’s revelation.  But in doing so, we should remember why God put it there.  After describing how the world will end, Peter concludes, “Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be?  You ought to live holy and godly lives” (2 Peter 3:11).  In other words, we should make choices daily for godly living that conform to our future dwelling place.


God has given us information about the future to glorify Himself, to assure us of His sovereign control of history, and to challenge us to godly living.  – Dennis Fisher




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