#UFC168 Chris Weidman retains title via TKO over Anderson Silva (Leg Injury)

Just look at that gruesome photo!  After taking the title for the Middleweight division with a shocking knockout, Chris Wiedman held on the title as he beats the legend Anderson Silva in yet another shocking turn of events — Silva broke his leg in the second round.

But don’t just consider this as a freak accident.  Weidman proved himself the better fighter as he owned the first round with his early take-down with top-notched wrestling and amazing control.  Silva looked much better in the second round as he was landing low kicks and staying away from Weidman’s clinch range…then the accident happened.

This is a vicious and horrible ending for a fight and possibly for Silva’s career.

In other fights, Ronda Rousey armbars Miesha Tate in round 3 as she defended her title for women’s Bantamweight.

For more UFC 168 rundown, results, and post-fight analyses, check out BloodyElbow.com

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