Year-End Report: My Top 13 Memorable TV Moments of 2013

As the year 2013 comes to a close, let us look back at some of my favorite moments in television, some crazy, some good, others a bit sad.  There were a huge amount of new series premiering, however we also got to witness some of our favorite series ended this year, not to mention a handful of character deaths in several shows this year!  Please be reminded that all entries come with SPOILERS so read at your own risk.  Are you guys ready?


13. Survivor’s second drawing of rocks in history.

At the tribal council, after finding out that she might be the fourth in their alliance, Ciera joins Hayden and Katie and agrees with Hayden’s last-ditch effort of joining forces to vote against Ciera’s old alliance.  The sudden switch of power brought about a tie that resulted in drawing of rocks, the second rock draw in 27 seasons of Survivor.


12. ‘Family Guy’ kills off Brian

Fans of the FOX’s favorite cartoon Family Guy were shocked when the beloved pet dog Brian was hit by a car and died on a veterinarian table, with the Griffin family by his side, including a weeping Stewie, Brian’s best buddy.


11. Malcolm’s Three Amigos’ Tribal Council Surprise (Survivor: Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites)

In one of best tribal councils in Survivor history, Malcolm, with a hidden immunity idol already displayed on his neck, reveals yet another hidden immunity idol that he then gives to Eddie, one of the members of his own alliance — the Tres Amigos.  With Reynold holding on to his immunity idol that he received from the last Immunity challenge, the remaining members of the Stealth R’ Us alliance whisper and scramble.  It was a complete delight to watch the majority alliance that controls the game gets so shocked and stunned that they needed to have an emergency meeting of some sort in front of host Jeff Probst.


10. Good Karma for Jason and Amy

We seldom see someone who you can perceive as a really nice, genuine person, trying to help everyone in challenges and stuff, succeed in the end of a reality competition show.  In the case of this season of The Amazing Race, power couple Jason and Amy always find time, at times they would even risk significant delays and elimination, just to help their friends in the race — E.R. doctors Travis and Nicole, and ex-couple Tim and Marie.  While giving out their helping hands to others, Jason and Amy, with Amy being the calmer one, manages to finish each leg of the race in second place, but when the final leg came, they ended up on top, when it is most needed.  Good karma, indeed.


9. The Birth of the Clones via Orphan Black

Sarah sits alone on a train when suddenly a woman who looks entirely like her jumps in front of an incoming train.  She then steals the corpse’s purse and starts to pretend that she is that person — Elizabeth Chiles.  What she does not expect is that she is about to encounter a series of events that involve different versions of herself — clones.  Tatiana Maslany portrays all these different clones and does a fantastic, intrinsic job at it and I am totally hooked with this mind-boggling new show.


8. Miley Cyrus’s Controversial Appearances

What would you do if you see a former Disney star exposing herself in front of millions, grinding her crotch and sticking out her tongue long enough that it would lash her brains out, not to mention feeling Robin Thicke up.  Miley Cyrus made herself so controversial when she performed her hit song We Can’t Stop at the VMAs, but it did not stop there.  At the recent EMAs, Miley puffed on what appeared to be a pot/joint as she accepts the award for Best Video. MTV censored the said broadcast overseas.  Talking about hitting us with Miley’s Wrecking Ball, huh?


7. The Quarterback

The devastating news about Glee star Cory Monteith‘s passing shocked the Gleeks around the world and when creator Ryan Murphy and the whole production team were all clueless on how to make a dramatic send-off episode for Monteith’s character Finn Hudson, the episode The Quarterback was created.  I had a hard time watching the whole episode — from the heart-wrenching opening number featuring the Glee cast singing Seasons of Love, to Cory’s real-life girlfriend Lea Michele‘s Rachel Berry’s dramatic entrance in the last few minutes of the episode, The Quarterback was an appropriate farewell episode to someone who was the core character of the whole series.


6. Herschel’s Death on The Walking Dead

And here comes a different death.  A death of a beloved character.  Herschel has been the heart of Rick Grimes camp and the father of the remaining survivors in this Zombie Apocalyptic drama series.  AMC’s The Walking Dead is known for giving the audience a time to love a certain character then killing that character in the end, something that would leave you both with anger and sorrow, jam-packed in one overwhelming emotion.  I am a huge fan of the comic book  (I sound like a broken record), but I just don’t know what will happen in the TV version after they killed off Andrea, who is still alive in the comics up to this point.  They were still similarities here and there, but they kept on injecting new elements while mismatching the events in the comics to the events on the show.  The best example of which was Herschel’s death.  Yes, he was supposed to die in the prison, with The Governor pulling the trigger into his head. In the comics, Tyreese should have been the one being killed off by The Governor with the use of Michonne’s katana (exaclty how Herschel died on the show).  The sequence on the midseason finale is a classic scene from the comics, with the characters being mismatched, making the show so unpredictable both to the fans of the show, more so to the fans of the comics.


5. Will Champlin’s Amazing Journey on The Voice

I love the underdogs and singer-songwriter Will Champlin is a nice example of that.  He started on the fifth season NBC’s The Voice with a Blind Audition that made Adam Levine, Ceelo Green, and Blake Shelton turn their chairs.  Will chose Team Adam.  He then battled James Wolpert in the Battle Rounds, but Adam chose Wolpert over him.  Will is saddened, however, Christina Aguilera loved Will’s performance that she chose to Steal Will from Team Adam.  Will again lost this time to Matthew Schuler in the Knockout Rounds, but was stolen back to Team Adam.  In the Live Playoffs, Will was not able to be voted through by the public, but because Adam believed in him, he chose to save Will from elimination.  With this roller-coaster of a ride, Will’s fan base grew in multitudes that they voted for Will through week after week, even beating out his past competitors Schuler (eliminated in Final 6) and Wolpert (eliminated in the Semifinals), and he ultimately manages to end up in the finale!  Even though he did not win, his journey on The Voice is worth remembering.  I think this is not the last time we will see Will.


4. Brenda’s Unethical Challenge to Dawn

At the final Tribal Council in Survivor: Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites, Brenda reminisces the moment when she helped Dawn with her missing teeth.  At that time, Dawn wanted to quit if she totally lost the teeth, then Brenda found it.  Brenda thinks that at that time, Dawn’s life in the game was at her hand, and she saved it.  Brenda then challenges Dawn to remove her teeth to prove that it’s not that important to her and to let Dawn feel that her game is still at Brenda’s hand. Dawn hesitates but still obliges to do it.  I remember this moment as a horrible one especially for Dawn.  I really felt bad for Dawn for this unethical move by Brenda.


3. Nicholas Brody’s endgame

Showtime’s Homeland (one of my favorite shows on earth) ended its third season with a shocker as the show’s main man Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) was killed off the show!  After escaping several near-death instances and plot-twists, Brody finally ends up finding an asylum in what he considers his own homeland, Iran, only to be caught again and was sentenced to death by hanging.  Yes, my friends, Brody was hanged to his death.  It was really a sad endgame, but I think Brody had to go in order for the show to move forward and be revamped anew.  Still, how the writers unfolded the story was really compelling and the episode (entitled ‘The Star‘) was one of the most effective hours of television.


2. The Red Wedding

HBO’s Game of Thrones‘s episode Rains of Castamere has got to be this year’s most intense TV shocker.  If not, of all time.  For the fans who had read the book, we all knew it was coming, yet the production value and the quality of acting were master-class that we could not help but be emotionally attached and emotionally traumatized by this gut-wrenching Game of Thrones scene that this sorrowful feeling will remain in us and will last a lifetime.  The North will never forget, neither will we.

It was a shocking episode that someone made a compilation of the RED WEDDING REACTIONS Caught on Video! Watch the video HERE.


1. The end of Breaking Bad

I have this urge of putting The Red Wedding at the top of my list, but geez, Breaking Bad has a special place in my heart that I had to put the penultimate season at the top of everything.  This is definitely THE best and my favorite television series ever and I am so devastated to see my favorite show end its run.  Just like a jagged piece of blue meth, it’s pretty difficult to let go of something you got addicted to for a long time.  I could not make any details on the series finale because it would only make me feel worse.  Oh well, Goodbye and thank you, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, bitch.


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  1. Thanks for recognizing the grear Will Champlin! No one ever mentions that when will failed to get Americas vote after the first live performances, They were still only letting 2 people per team get Americas vote. Will practically tied for 2nd place out of 20 contestants since James his teammate was top ten on itunes that weak and he and Tess were neck and neck on iTunes in 2nd/3rd and he (much) surpassed Tess after voting closed.

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