A Good ‘ol Wooden Chair [Survey Thursday for January 2014]

What are you doing right now?

Let’s see.  Well, I am currently answering this survey while the TV is on.


What are some things on your desk?

Wow. I got a lot of stuff on my desk.  There’s my phone, my iPod, this laptop, some blank CDs, a jar full of writing materials, and a small notebook.


What color are the walls of the room you’re currently in?
I have a blue room.  It’s all blue.


What do you hear?
I can hear the sound of my fan, and the sound that’s coming from the TV (it’s on FOX)


What time is it?
Exactly 11:43 PM.  Almost Chinese New Year.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!


What day is it?
It’s Survery Thursday!


Whats behind you?
I’m behind the door.


What was the last thing you ate?
I think it was a Peanut Roll, a sweet, crunchy dessert that was a gift for us last Christmas. Yum!


What are you sitting on?
A good ‘ol wooden chair.
Whats your name?
I go by several names from Franco, Carlo, Cocoy, Cocoi, to Cocoloids, or you can even call me Francocoloids if you really want to, I would not bother.


What is your nickname(s), if you have any?
I think I have answered this question already.  Please see the earlier question!


What are your plans for tomorrow, if you have any?
It’s a holiday!  I still have no plans though.  Probably I will be staying at home, planning ahead. LOL.


What did you do today?
I just got home from my best friend’s house.  I spent a couple of days there, trying to accomplish all the other important stuff to accomplish.


What are you gonna be for Halloween?
Well, that’s like 10 months from now.  I guess the more appropriate question for this is “WHERE will I be celebrating my Halloween this year?” *wink wink*


What are you thinking about?
Two words: THE FUTURE.
How many friends are online right now?
I honestly do not know.  I seldom (and am not that conscious enough) take my time and check people who are online, simply because I could care less about it.


How are you today?
Hmm…a bit stressed, but hopeful.


How do you think 2014 is going to be?
You know what, I know this may sound absurd, but I am very hopeful that this year is going to be my year, and I am claiming it.  Although I am expecting that everything that I am about to do may take a lot of sweat, blood, and tears, I really do think it will be a great year for me, I can feel it.


How has your week been so far?
Generally speaking?  Frustrating.


Do you wear make up?


What kind of cell phone do you have?
Would you believe, I still have my Nokia E72 with me? And Eve (Yup, I call my phone Eve, don’t judge me) has been with me for like 4 years and counting.  E Series FTW!


What cell phone service?


Do you have a desktop or laptop? Or both?
We a have a desktop, but we seldom use it.  I also have my own laptop that I have been using as of late.  This boy is a tough cookie, but the battery is already having signs that it should be replaced ASAP.


What color is the ceiling?
As what I have said awhile ago, my room is blue room.  Yes, even the ceiling is painted blue!


Have you ever used hand sanitizer?
Of course!


What are you wearing?
Let me see: I am wearing a Brenntano Sport shirt, and boxers.


Favorite drink?
Nothing beats the magic of drinking water.


What were you doing right before this quiz?
I was busy surfing for some interesting news that I can post here in my blog.


Was this quiz at least slightly entertaining?
It took a little bit of muscle stretching, something that I need before I take the bus to Snoozeville.  Having said that, I think the survey sucks. Lmao.


If you guys got any survey-like questions, or just any other questions (make it interesting and funny), feel free to ask me.  Send all your slum-book style questions over at my email account franco_buendia@yahoo.com or thru my Facebook page, or simply Tweet me @cocoloids. Thank you! Ciao!


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