Light Of Love

Life is going to have problems.  There are no two ways about it.

There are ups, downs, bumps in the road and flat out failures.  How do you handle the difficulties of life?  What gets you through them?  Do you gorge yourself on cookies and candy to make yourself feel better?  Doesn’t work, does it?  Do you spend money that you don’t have?  Never a good idea.  Do you drink a little more wine than normal?  Does not help either, does it?  Do you depend on your friends to pick you up?  Friends are great, but is there something even better?

Yes there is something better than all these things — the God who loves you.  Turn your face into the warm light of His love, and as today’s quote says, the shadow will fall behind you.  Life will look more hopeful.

Things will eventually get better and until they do, God’s light will warm you and guide you.


When you face the sun,

the shadows always fall behind you.

Helen Keller


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