15 Iconic Asian Snacks You Need To Try

I was busy looking for a perfect article for my weekly dose of Rank ‘Em In Friday when I stumbled upon this very interesting list.

The guys from BuzzFeed.com listed down some of the most well-celebrated snacks in Asia that everyone must try.  I must admit, I have tasted some in the list, but not all.  Maybe one day I will get to sink my teeth into these delicious delicacies.  By the way, a very popular snack from the Philippines made the list!  Let’s take look at them, shall we?

[via BuzzFeed]

1. Haw Flakes


Why You Should Try It: The Chinese hawthorn fruit is kind of a strange enigma, but a roll of these tangy bad boys will get you quickly addicted.

2. Dried Squid


Why You Should Try It: Before you make that face, reimagine these as basically stringy jerky with a tinge of seafood taste. It’s a fun savory snack alternative that you won’t feel guilty about consuming.

3. Cuttlefish Chips


Why You Should Try It: These melt-in-your-mouth snackables are comparable to famous shrimp chips.

4. Lychee Jelly


Why You Should Try It: If you like lychee, these tiny cups of jelly are dangerously addictive. They’re packed with sweet juiciness and some even surprise you with pieces of real lychee inside.

5. Asian Rice Crackers


Why You Should Try It: Another Asian childhood staple, these do not even compare to the “rice crackers” you find in your local grocery aisle. The golden crisps are packed with a special (albeit MSG-induced) flavor that really challenges the bland Western version.

6. Yakult Milk

Why You Should Try It: Let’s be honest…no one really knows what’s inside a bottle of Yakult “Cultured Milk,” but we’ve stopped wondering. This Japanese product offers the wonderfully tangy taste of yogurt in a shot-sized case, and it’s become so popular, it’s now found in larger bottles in a variety of flavors.

7. Umaibo Wafer Sticks


Why You Should Try It: “Umaibo” means “delicious stick” in Japanese, and it’s pretty accurate: These cylindrical puffs come in all sorts of yummy flavors (cheese being one of the most popular), and they offer a soft wafer-y crunch.

8. Real Mochi


Why You Should Try It: You’ve probably already indulged in a delectable mochi with ice cream filling, but straight OG mochi is a little less accessible to the average palette. Still, the chewy snack can satisfy a slight sweet tooth while giving your jaw a great work out.

9. Aloo Bhujia



Why You Should Try It: The spicy curry accents of these Indian dried potato noodles are highly addictive. *Disclaimer: once you open a bag, you will find tiny trails of these in your keyboards, on your lap, and in your hair.

10. Fish Pastries


Why You Should Try It: The Korean/Japanese “Bungeoppang” or “Taiyaki” snacks taste nothing like the depicted animal: It’s a fish-shaped waffle casing with red bean paste (and sometimes ice cream!) filling.

11. American Munchies in Green Tea Flavors



Why You Should Try It: Everything is better in green tea (macha) flavor!

12. “Boy Bawang” Garlic Bites



Why You Should Try It: A true Filipino staple, the garlic superhero snack comes in a plethora of flavors, but garlic is by far the most popular. Warning: It will do wonders to your breath.

13. White Rabbit Cream Candies


Why You Should Try It: The classic Asian treat melts on your tongue beautifully like a blanket of milky syrup. Plus, each candy is only 20 calories.

14. Dried Mini Fish


Why You Should Try It: As unappetizing as it may look, these extremely salty mini fish perfectly complement blander foods like rice, porridge, or bread. The Japanese version also comes with roasted almonds.

15. Sweet and Salty Dried Plums



Why You Should Try It: If you want to take your taste buds for a ride, pop in one of these shriveled plum candies: It will start off salty, melt to sweet, and then kick you with a sharp sour.


3 thoughts on “15 Iconic Asian Snacks You Need To Try”

  1. HAW FLAKES! Man, one couldn’t have enough of those. My childhood is filled with good memories of eating ’em like there was no tomorrow! Too bad they’re not as easy to find now as they used to in the past…

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