Top 10 Weird Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner! As I surf the net to look for ideas on what to give this Yuletide season, I found this funny article about the weirdest Christmas gifts ever. Enjoy guys!

[SOURCE: Top 10 Weird Christmas Gifts]

10. Inflatable Fruitcake

This actually might be a blessing if you have ever received a real fruitcake. It is an inflatable fruitcake. It probably does taste better than an actual fruitcake though. The inflatable Fruitcake cost $9.95 and sorry, it comes with nuts.

9. Nothing

When someone says they want nothing for Christmas, you really can get them nothing! This import will cost you £3.99. I guess you can get nothing for something.

8. Butter Warmer

Your kitchen counter can now rest easy! There is a device that will warm sticks of butter. I personally use a microwave, but if you have something specific; the Butter Warmer will set you back £29.99 (it’s an import)

7. Rejuvenique Anti-Aging Mask

The Rejuvenique Anti-Aging Mask claims to keep your face youthful and rejuvenated. What they should tell you is that this gift is recession proof. It also doubles as a hockey mask and Halloween costume. The Rejuvenique only cost $40

6. Banana Guard

I already thought Bananas already came in a holder? This weird gift will set you back $14.95, which cost more than buying a bunch of bananas in the first place.

5. Smoker Mittens

No longer will smokers have to huddle together for warmth as they quickly smoke in subarctic temperatures. Smoking Mittens have a hole* you can smoke through. *Non Filtered* Smoking Mittens cost $28.

4. Cell Mate

Bluetooth headsets for cell phones are so last year. Try the Cell Mate, it straps your whole cell phone to your head! At least people won’t think you are crazy and talking to your self with your phone strapped to your head. Well, maybe not. The Cell Mate comes in at $14.95.

3. Puppy Tweets

Your dog can now tweet. No, it’s not some Isle of Doctor Monroe experiment gone awry. This device will post tweets on Twitter for your dog, all from it’s collar. I can see all the “SQUIRREL!!!!” tweets now. Puppy Tweets is $9.

2. iCarta

Now you might be thinking, “Why is there an iPod on your toilet paper dispenser?” But really, why isn’t there toilet paper with your iPod? Don’t worry iPhone owners, speaker phone works! The iCarta costs $89.99.

1. Peekaru

If a Snuggie and a Baby Bjorn had a baby, then their baby would probably be wrapped in a Peekaru. A Snuggie with no arms and a hole for the baby’s face, this looks like a cute version of that scene from Alien. The Peekaru will set you back $79.99.

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