Ted – Official Trailer

From the man who created Family Guy, Seth McFarlane wants us to fall in love with TED!

A story centered on a man and his teddy bear, who comes to life as the result of a childhood wish.

I have to say, this will be one of THE. BEST. MOVIES. EVEERRRR! Hahahaha!!!


Reasons Why Cars Are Better Than Girls (As Heard on The Morning Rush!)

Source: http://www.widewallpapers.net


‘Pag bumili ka ng kotse, walang kasamang biyenan. – POLJEFFREY


Cars are always well lubricated. – MY YANGKEEZ


A car won’t spit out what you just filled it up with. – TIAN26JACK


You can swap cars with a friend. – RC AND CESS


There’s nothing illegal about renting a car you can ride all day. – THE NOMAD


A new car won’t feel insecure about the cars you had before it. – IAMNOTJOHNLLOYD


‘Pag ang kotse may tulo, madaling ayusin. – CHUCK


‘Pag may bago kang kotse, kahit buong tropa mo, pwedeng maki-test drive. – ANTO


You don’t mind if your car has a lot of baggage. – YNAKI


Hindi mao-offend ang car ‘pag kumambyo ka in public. – DENNIS PINCH

Source: http://picx.classifieds1000.com/s/Funny_Car_Cartoon

Usher – Scream (Official Music Video)

He did it again. Usher’s second single, produced by Max Martin and Shellback, is sexually charged and straight-up dance, reminiscent to 2010’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love,” except two times better.

I’m a huge fan ever since he started his musical career. I think he never gets old, both with how he performs, and with his innovations in music.

Inaugurate Me!

And since it’s effin THURSDAY, I have no choice but to answer this survey, which I got a long long time ago. Time for SURVEY THURSDAYS! (I know I know the title is so fuckin cheesy and borderline ANNOYING)

The “Had To” Section
1. If you HAD to get a tattoo, where would you want it?

  • I want it either on my arm or around my pronator teres.

2. If you HAD to dye your hair which color would you choose?

  • I think I’m fine with my Jet Black hair. If i want extreme change, I’d say blue?

3. If you HAD to get a piercing (THAT
ISN’T YOUR EARS) what would you pierce?

  • I’d say my tongue.

4. If you HAD to change your name, what
new name would you choose?

  • I want to choose a very uncommon name but popular. Let’s say, Jason MRAZ? Haha!

The “Would You” Section
1. If you could go bungee jumping, would you?

  • hell yeah.

2. Would you move somewhere else, if you could?

  • Yes.

3. If you were given the chance to go to Paris, would you go?

  • Any offer for an all-expense-paid trip is welcome; as long as it’s free, you can bring me anywhere. Haha!

4. If you found 10 million dollars, and
it was YOURS to spend, what would you
do with it?

  • I’d let our houses be fixed in a big way (ala Extreme Makeover), then buy a dream car.

The “Let’s Say” Questions
1. Let’s say you see a big ship sink. Only 1 person has a chance to survive. The 3 people on the ship are Your Best Friend, Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, and a long lost friend (that you don’t know
too well). Who would you save if you
HAD to choose ONLY 1 person?

  • Since I am not in a relationship right now and that long lost friend is someone that I don’t know well, I would most probably choose my best friend.  Choosing the long lost friend seems tempting because we might reconnect afterwards, but I would still choose my best friend haha.

2. Let’s say you became President, what
is the first thing you would do?

  • Inaugurate me! Haha! Anyway, during the first 24 hours post-win I will sleep and rest from all the stressful moments during the campaign period.

3. Let’s say you had to eat a live tarantula for $1,000. would you?

  • Fcuk no. I cringe just thinking about it.  I am arachnophobic and I can’t even look at a medium-sized spider.

4. Let’s say you could star in any movie (made or in the works) what movie?

  • Every time I watch a certain movie, I always try to imagine myself portraying the role of the protagonist.  When I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I could really see myself as Charlie–from his personality, outlook and perspective in life, to his physical appearance– I really thought the movie (and book) was especially made for me.  On second thought, I don’t think I can star in that particular movie because I might get so into the role that I might kill myself.

The “Favorites” Section
1. color/s?

  • Blue, Black, Green

2. current song?

  • Usher – Scream, Ed Sheeran – Drunk

3. shirt you own?

  • any sporty shirt will do. =)

4. electronic device?

  • Anything from Apple.

5. movie?

  • Oh A LOT. Pero right now I’m a bit obsessed with Prometheus.

6. book?

  • Hunger Games Series. Lols

7. pair of shoes?

  • my good ‘ol kicks from Penguin.

8. sandal color?

  • my pearl white Crocs

9. hair color?

  • Jet black.

10. eye color?

  • like my brown eyes, but it wouldn’t hurt if it’s blue! i want blue eyes!

The “Other Stuff” Section
1. what makes your bedroom unique?

  • It’s too fuckin messed up! Haha!

2. Who do you like?

  • Someone who is good-mannered, open-minded, and God-fearing.

3. Do you go to parks?

  • Hmm not my thing, but I don’t care.

4. what’s your favorite season of the

  • My Birthday (Of course!) and Christmas.

5. Do you like cheese?

  • Yes please!

6. What’s bothering you now?

  • the impending future. I feel like im in the middle of a pitch black tunnel, with a small beam of light at the end of it. =P

If you have any Surveys that I can answer, or whatever questions that you want to ask me, feel free to post comment.

2nd Post Baby!

Well. I’m still trying to get used to this new environment. I’ve spent like 3 hours just by lookin for the most suitable theme for my blogsite! Haha!

Now here’s the plan, because I’m relatively new to this newfangled territory, I have decided to sort-of absorb my old way of posting, the way I used to do (Multiply).  I’m bringing back Survey Thursday, wherein I answer several questions ala-Survey (you could ask me anything btw); Rank ‘Em In Fridays, wherein I list down what’s hot and what’s not all around the world; and my personal fave Feel Good Sundays, wherein I write several inspirational quotes and anecdotes about fictional or non-fictional people.  Of course I’ll be squeezing in some surprises!

All these and more to come!

Hello world!

I officially welcome myself for this new home!  My name is Franco but Cocoloids is a lot cooler and finally I can call myself a blogger now! Haha! I have a lot of things to share with you guys–about my life and the life of others like news about stuff from entertainment to current events. etcetera etcetera…

As seen on my profile, I’m a sucker for Movies, Music, TV, and latest Gadgets, News, and what not. And yeah feel free to tell me what you guys want to hear from me.
Well It’s almost 1:00AM and I’m pretty much groggy, i think i have to doze off already.  Catch you guys later! Cheers! We’re in for a grand ride!

Please do follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cocoloids and add me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cocoloids

Thanks and cheers to the future!

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