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Movie Review: FROZEN

(c) Disney

What makes a beautiful animated movie unforgettable?  Firstly, for me, a great animated film must cater both to the kids and as well as the adults.  Secondly, the animation itself must be gorgeously crafted.  And lastly, it must have a fresh and original storyline in order to be at least memorable for many years to come.  If you expect that Disney’s Frozen is a movie made for children, well you are completely wrong.  I think the kids will love it and I bet that you will too.

(c) Disney

Loosely based on the 19th Century Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” Frozen tells the story of Elsa (magnificently voiced by Idina Menzel), a young princess who has the power to create ice and snow, but does not know how to control it and so has locked herself away from the world, including her sister with a lot of spunk, Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell).

(c) Disney

But when their parents died, the kingdom need a new Queen and Elsa is the rightful heir.  At the coronation, Elsa’s powers are finally revealed, resulting in her fleeing to the mountains, leaving a kingdom in eternal winter in the process.  Anna teams up with Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) and his sidekick reindeer Sven on a journey to find Elsa in order to put an end to her icy spell.


With so many memorable characters and so many show-stopping musical numbers, this film also bursts in effervescent colors and visuals, with music that can easily strum your inner heartstrings while humming along even if you’ve heard it for the very first time.  That is a mark of a Disney Magic right there.  On top of that, Frozen is filled with comedy, wit, and most especially, heart, which is what Disney is known for.


Menzel , Bell, and Groff all shine in their respective roles.  Adding more comic relief is my favorite character of the whole film Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad), a snowman who has a sun fetish, someone who yearns for Summer because he does not know the consequences.  If you think that particular subplot twist for Olaf is funny enough, wait until you hear him sing In Summer.

How Ironic. (c) Disney

 An absolute delight from start to finish, Frozen is definitely a movie for all ages.  With characters that are so memorable and likable to say the least, and the story that is full of heart that is at the focal point of the movie, Frozen is definitely the best one since The Lion King.

And did I say that Let It Go has been stuck in my head up until now?

4.5 out of 5 stars