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#Rio2016 The Syrian Refugee Who Swam For Her Life All The Way To The #Olympics

There are those whose footsteps we would not want to follow, whose shoes we would not want to be in – yet we strive to have their character, their strength, their drive and their courage. It is from them we learn that the worst of humanity can bring out the best in humanity. Continue reading #Rio2016 The Syrian Refugee Who Swam For Her Life All The Way To The #Olympics


#Rio2016 Opening Ceremony Highlights

With stunning lights, lively music, and Gisele Bundchen, the 2016 Rio Olympics have been officially begun.  It may not be as extravagant as the London Olympics four years back, or as grandiose as the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Rio’s Opening Ceremony features an earthy feel, with an environmental message.

Watch highlights of the opening ceremony to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, featuring spectacular fireworks, the Parade of Nations and the symbolic lighting of the cauldron. Video Courtesy of BBC News.

#SB50 Watch: Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars Rock the Halftime Show!

Led by rockstar band Coldplay, with the help of Queen Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars, they all rocked the 50 years of Super Bowl by honoring the previous halftime show performances. Continue reading #SB50 Watch: Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars Rock the Halftime Show!

#UFC168 Chris Weidman retains title via TKO over Anderson Silva (Leg Injury)

Just look at that gruesome photo!  After taking the title for the Middleweight division with a shocking knockout, Chris Wiedman held on the title as he beats the legend Anderson Silva in yet another shocking turn of events — Silva broke his leg in the second round.

But don’t just consider this as a freak accident.  Weidman proved himself the better fighter as he owned the first round with his early take-down with top-notched wrestling and amazing control.  Silva looked much better in the second round as he was landing low kicks and staying away from Weidman’s clinch range…then the accident happened.

This is a vicious and horrible ending for a fight and possibly for Silva’s career.

In other fights, Ronda Rousey armbars Miesha Tate in round 3 as she defended her title for women’s Bantamweight.

For more UFC 168 rundown, results, and post-fight analyses, check out BloodyElbow.com

Pacquiao BEATS UP Rios in Macau!

(c) Nicky Loh

He is back!  After two straight losses, one of which arguably the most devastating loss of his professional boxing career, pound-for-pound Welterweight champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao dominated over former world champion Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios with a unanimous decision at a sold out Venetian Macao’s Cotai Arena in Macao, China.  Pacman claimed a powerful victory on all three judges’ cards (120-108. 119-109, 118-110).


Manny did not just outbox Rios, he certainly outclassed him.  Pacquiao took control of the fight from the get-go, leaving Rios with a cut over his both eyes by round seven.  Rios can’t seem to solve Pacquiao’s impeccable foot work, tough counter-punching, heavy combinations and fighting style that he mostly trailed behind him in all twelve rounds.  Knocking Rios down would have been a nice finish, but Pacquiao was content in punishing Rios by, well, flat-out beating him up.


After the fight, Rios discussed his loss by saying, “I fought one of the greatest boxers in the world besides Mayweather. The speed just got to me. I had fast sparring partners, but I think he was faster than them.”


Watch the highlights of the fight with GIFs on the side on BloodyElbows.com

#UFC167 Results: GSP edges out Hendricks in Controversial Split Decision [Link]

(c) USA Today Sports

This, my friends, may go down in history as one of the most controversial decisions in UFC history.  UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has defended his title against his challenger Johny Hendricks in a controversial split-decision…and I think I can smell a rematch in the future, unless GSP decides to retire after his UFC victory.  The whole five-rounds of the bout was so nerve-wracking that everyone was biting their nails up until the judges’ scorecards were revealed.  To many, including me, Hendricks won three out of the five rounds, but the judges’ thought otherwise.  St-Pierre won a split decision with scores of 48-47, 47-48, and 48-47.


Read the full report and post-fight analysis from Bloody Elbow here.

#UFC165: Jones vs Gustafsson – Results and Post-fight Analysis [Link]

(c) Esther Lin MMA Fighting

Jon Jones defended his UFC light heavyweight championship in a tremendous bout with Alexander Gustafsson. One can only hope that this serves to build on his legend and that people don’t try to use it as an excuse to tear him down.

Jon Jones had to earn it tonight at UFC 165. He had to dig down deep and find a little something extra in the championship rounds. He had to deal with blood streaming into his eye and a badly swollen lip from the punches of Alexander Gustafsson.

Jon Jones had to rise to a level that we’d never seen before to set the all-time light heavyweight title defense record. His being pushed to the limit and surviving with a decision win should do nothing to diminish his place in the sport. It should only serve to grow his legend.

Alexander Gustafsson proved to be more than the “tall guy” that the marketing (more on that later) seemed to leave him as. His boxing was sharp and allowed him to pick away at Jones with right hands, left hooks, jabs and counters. He also was able to repeatedly defend the takedowns of Jones throughout the fight, only hitting the floor once and not staying there for any meaningful amount of time.


Read the FULL REPORT on Bloody Elbow.

#UFC162 Results: Mark Munoz beats up Tim Boetsch and takes Decision Victory [Link]

(c) Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Look who’s BACK!

Filipino Wrecking Machine Mark Munoz picked up a big win by taking a unanimous decision victory over Tim Boetsch in their UFC 162 middleweight fight.


Mark Munoz had been out for a long time, and really needed a good performance in his return to the octagon. And man did he get it. After a very close first round, Munoz totally took over in the first two rounds and brutalized Boetsch’s body and head with ground and pound. The bout was definitely a fight of the night contender either way. The judges had it 30-26, 30-27, and 29-28 for Munoz.


Read the Full Story HERE.

Dwight Howard TWEETS That He’ll Sign With The ROCKETS! [Link]

Photo Courtesy of Howard’s Twitter Account

Dwight Howard never grew comfortable playing with Kobe Bryant and for Mike D’Antoni.

Once a wide-smiling, fun-loving big guy, Howard lacked that joy inLos Angeles.

The Rockets are confident he’ll find it again in Houston.


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Mark Munoz Shows Off His Slimmed Down Body for UFC 162 (See the Before and After Photos HERE)

After being knocked out by Weidman, UFC Fighter and the Filipino Wrecking Machine, Mark Munoz struggled to come back from the loss that involved a foot injury (that happened before the fight) as he turned himself to food as his comfort measures.

However, in preparation for UFC 162 against Tim Boetsch, Munoz, aged 35, managed to slim down a whopping 62 lbs from 261 to 199, just in a matter of 5 months!  Check the Before and After photos he posted on his website:

Battled through injury, self-doubt, and depression. I turned to food for comfort and what I found was more heartache. A never ending cycle of “eating because I was sad and sad because I was eating.” I had to find peace and comfort in my faith in God, He shaped my life.

No matter what adversity, you have in your life, you can be transcendent over it with God by your side and you can accomplish all things. Thank you all who believed in, encouraged, motivated and prayed for me! I thank you for you compassion and care! Now I am going in confident to #UFC162 with all I had to work through!

Amazing isn’t it?  But the bigger question now is that, will this healthy transformation help him to win this weekend?  I think I am pretty confident that he will, but let’s just wait and see.