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Spider-Man Homecoming [Official Movie Trailer]


Does the suit make the man? Watch the all-new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer now and make sure to see it in theaters July 7.

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The Impossible
(c) Lionsgate Films

When Maria, Henry, and their three sons decide to spend their Christmas vacation in an exotic island of Thailand, they all look forward for the festivities that are planned for this vacation.  But on the morning of December 26, a rather devastating turn of events tests their fate that will remain in their memories for as long as they live.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Set during the historical 2004 tsunami that swept the islands of Southeast Asia, killing thousands of people, The Impossible is a film about Maria’s family’s true story of survival and their impossible journey of reuniting.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Surviving in a natural calamity like tsunami seems, well, impossible (hence the movie title), but for a family with children to take care of in the midst of all of this chaos?  It takes a miracle to conquer this ordeal.

(c) Lionsgate Films

My favorite part of the movie (and I don’t want to sound like a melancholic guy with a dark past, yearning for some morbid scenarios in life) is the tsunami sequence.  That sequence is amazing, beautifully crafted, and disturbingly raw and realistic.  I guess director Sergio G. Sanchez aims to create this kind of cinematic immersion, which takes its audience to the depths of the murky water of mud and debris, letting you drown along with its casts.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Naomi Watts does a very physically demanding yet exceptionally convincing job as Maria, the mother and wife who would risk her life to bring her family back together again.  Interestingly, I want to consider Ewan McGregor as the heart of the film for he delivers a very emotional portrayal of the father Henry.  Child actor Tom Holland who played the eldest son Lucas also provides a commendable performance as well.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Over-all this film manages to capture the true essence of life, which we often abuse and neglect, as it is also a reminder for us that in life’s tribulations, we must possess a pure determination in keeping your family together at all cost.

4.0 out of 5 stars